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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHpacoWtD0g This kid is from my parts..dude is coming up fast
  2. Hangover straight from the depths of hell..hoping the oontz will sober me up.
  3. I dont know about you guys..but I'd much rather paint one of these instead of the new paint jobs..anybody know if there are still some running around?
  4. Im inbetween with that subject..I eat pizza and chicken always with franks red hot. tpbm watches looney toons still to this day.
  5. Jimi hendrix - all along the watch tower.
  6. okay..thats all for now,and remember....
  7. I'll repost these just to put some photos on this page.
  8. Alright..if everyone wanted to see this bullshit bickering between you all we would arrange a cage match,but noone wants to read through that shit..this is the COLD TRAIN thread,not the crow,asic,acet internet beef chatroom.Keep that shit in your pm's fellas.
  9. true..I love mexican anyday of the week tpbm listens to miles davis
  10. yeah..the saipan part was nuts
  11. I found that funny too when i saw who it was.
  12. Id like to know who was cropped out of that photo
  13. This is the only thing i've watched on tv for the past 2 days
  14. false..but I have been on the list at the door to see my favorite metal band,that was teh win. tpbm likes fried shrimp
  15. I'm the same way..I have certain rituals that I have to abide by..but I think deja vu has alot to do with it.
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