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  1. nuge1nbs


    :huh: lol who ever doesnt get it buy now.haha and i havent been here for a min. still the same. but that saga was pretty ill.thats about it.
  2. like many others on here, i too have gotton this on my hand but i had a cup of milk just in case. i dont have no scars and damn that guy who has an extra hole in his ass is just well selfexplainable. dope thread.
  3. had to be either the eastbay shits or dont call it frisco thread ;)
  4. Re: Boy Kills 1500 Pound Monster Pig thats a huge bitch
  5. CHEA &^^^^^^^ thats the ish i havent seen that fence look so clean. props to nesta
  6. go to the bay and see what its really about yee yee yeeyee
  7. mistah fab- granddaddy keak da sneak hello buddy the federation hyphy and of course mac dre ty ty tycoon
  8. it looks clean when your high.but i never watch it when im clean
  9. mj is all i need until i get the munchies :idea: ill be back
  10. lol thats what you think it is than your off by along shot.
  11. let see what concoutoins we got in here
  12. yes those are the ish use a ny fat and your good. now on a different note who knows where to get fish oil from(not the tablets/pills)
  13. nuge1nbs


    can someone pm me some supplystores in baltimore.cause im moving there in a week or two and i dont know my any art stores or anything like that. and on a differnt note.i like tha sceane you guys have here keep it up.
  14. Re: have you ever tried to paint drunk ? yes but who in here gotten so high you were death (im talking about not being able to hear) and went bombing.that was the best day ever. and all i rember was my homie telling me some shit this hag was yelling at us
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