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  1. 1stRuler


    yo DAWGs, yall be GRAFFing it up?!@ here b my nooist burna frealz, lemme git cha'll feedbak. i be on dem loudpacks while yall sonettes b on dat low-volume nahmean!!!! and oh yea..any 1 finna be intarestid in bein a PROSPECT fo' ma new rap letter gang (AGB)??? now a message from the sponsors of diz Raw ass post cuuuuuH!!....
  2. 1stRuler


    Cool stuff. Dat "GARDE" be GAF, #gayasfuck. bet dat sonette uzed dem Montana's for it and shii ... biting all dem whippydip lettas and shii ... black and white? muhfuckah it's 2000andTwelve --- there's madd color charts and shii fo da spraypaints. U ol' limitin in a box, chicken and a biscuit, needtathinkoutsidedabun (No tacobell) ... what what?! Where ma doggs at?! Come see me, Garderbelt. We finna scrap it out like j. bieb & tyson bedfore,,, get at me!
  3. 1stRuler


    "I got my swagggga back"-Jay Z HOER got popped for teabaggin a toy under a train bridge?... Looks like Imma finza take yall too schoool THIS FORUM BEEN LACKIN.. HASH TAG THAT NAHMEAN.... yall son-ettes sleepin on da rap sprays and arrowisms in ya lifes. =STEP YA GAME UPS.!! THE game is real in trouble right about now..nahmean.... if it could be imagined as a picture itd be all like like this Where's all dem 4D hilowlights? Splash backgrounds went out with Hammer, nahmean...we in the 2K shun, get dem montana coluhs out fo dem backgrounds. MAKE DAT SHIT CRAY. It's like im walkin up in da club anticipatin SOME OF DEEZ: and all im see'n is DUH SHIT AINT COO BRUH!! brawt to u by the public service announementisms... oh yeah - i aint a star, sumbawdy liiied i got the choppa in the car ,HUH While ya'll digestin wat the GAWD just pu onto yo plates nahmeeeeean imma go hed and go back owt in deez skreetz and git dis papa...PAYCE
  4. 1stRuler


    Real Tawk to da GAWDs... Garde is the Justin Bieber of Graffiti. Errybawdy say Hola to mi gurlfranz.... I fellz fer da big butt n smile.
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