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  1. i drove past this today and almost crashed haha banging as fuck
  2. this was my desktop for awile
  3. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es
  4. one time me and a mate are painting a fraight spot its a fair chill night so we finish up go back to the car and take off but befor we get more then 100 down from the yard we get pulled up by cops. so where siting ther and the cops walk over bretho my mate whos driving then ask for his drivers licens and my mate realises he left it in the boot witch has a good 50 - 60 tins in it so he walks round and opens the boot to get it and im shiting dacks at this point and his sifting threw the tins looking for his walet with the cops standing nexto him . finds his wallet the cops check him out then say good night and bail we sit there for abit buged out about what just happend then bail home befor they come back or anthing. wirdest encounter with hick small town cops ever.
  5. yeh that first piece looks like seiko did it caro and all
  6. Re: DEF THREATS!!! no thats ques and he dosnt bite for shit
  7. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 its 12:57 on a fryday night and im pissed on VB. now time for pornows
  8. was this from pete pete and pete? such a good show whatever happend to it?
  9. just got this. 20 boxes by 12 cans each box :D
  10. i always wanted to pee in a chicks but its not s fun as i thort it would be tho
  11. whats the dude in the tree doing haha
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