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  1. scarface shirts are the new wolf shirts and gg allin was the man. scumfuck bastard.
  2. i'd be down for a gathering in the bay. maybe i'd even bring some spic food.
  3. there's a spoon in my tea. i've become addicted to these videos. http://youtube.com/watch?v=IDACdu2tlk0
  4. wasn't that stephanie tanner's band?
  5. these guys are about to get big.
  6. i'm still playing ecco the dolphin.
  7. i just about puked from laughing at this. fuck the flu. let's start an emo band. i have a guitar and greasy long hair. you can write more horrific lyrics.
  8. guess my pod got sucked into a net at the beginning of the game then. spooning dolphins out of cans.
  9. fuck cuddling. who wants to play ecco the dolphin? anyone? ah fuck you, i'll play it alone.
  10. heard about this site a while ago. but always ended up forgetting to check it out.
  11. i was pissed when i saw the new "painter's touch satin" cans. american accents with shit caps. so long, green apple.
  12. let's be anti-lovers together. all i want for christmas is the freebird solo on lock. i have a little over a month to accomplish this. (not gonna happen.)
  13. i'd like to spend christmas alone again. last year was so relaxing.
  14. i woke up with a sore throat. i have no girlfriend to hook up some tea. guess i best go get some myself.
  15. led zeppelin - over the hills and far away i-spy - no exchange propagandhi - hate,myth,muscle, etiquette propagandhi - middle finger response procol harum - a whiter shade of pale i'm the whitest mexican you'll ever meet.
  16. only the shells. my poop comes out al pastor. dinner is served.
  17. taco tuck is the most hip hop of all. /dirtymexican
  18. And this bird you'll never change.
  19. Steve Miller


    download the silent hill 3 soundtrack.
  20. Steve Miller


    i was glad to see that free bird was in guitar hero 2. might i add, my fucking fingers hurt now.
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