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  1. nah, i've met a few. too bad they turned out to be fucking crazy.
  2. i'd like to thank 12oz for reminding me why being single is the only way to be. and i'll make sure to mention it to the next lady that tries some shit with me. "sorry, an internet graffiti forum convinced me that you're a god damned waste of my time...and money."
  3. needs some megadriver. http://www.megadriver.com.br
  4. you guys hear? the earth is flat. OMG and so begins the degression of mankind.
  5. i remember my freshman year. chronic masturbation, skating everyday, being stoned, not being able to play the guitar but still being in a "band", and generally wanting to meet every girl in a dark alley. kid needs to just rub one out. shit solves all frustrations. internet porn shall suffice.
  6. my parents give me 20 bucks a piece. i give them the same back in gift certificate form. in the end, no one spends a dime. don't forget to give your friends shitty movies as gifts.
  7. big orange cats are the money.
  8. ya know, i'd like to see what videogames this guy has, if any.
  9. this kid i know didn't show up to work for 3 days. on the fourth, he called in pregnant. months later, they rehired him.
  10. i'll give 5 bucks to whoever can get into the santa rosa buff lady's trousers.
  11. i love waiting outside the middle school at 3pm when the final bell rings. adults became concerned about my daily presence and moreso my constant whistling at the female students. i tell them i'm waiting for my brother who is always late. also, being an only child is something i've always enjoyed..
  12. i have no time or patience for hoes anymore. sign me up for the fleshlight.
  13. bump for penis guy, place ass here, and swastika man.
  14. it's almost 3pm and i still haven't left my house. it's hot in here.
  15. this album. i ain't about having my nipples touched.
  16. west coast pervert violence. whatchu' know about capitalist casualties?
  17. we got a suggestion box filled with numerous ways to suck dick. thank you, north bay!
  18. so is this guy actually gay, or just making fun of them?
  19. Re: lately i've been drinking like a mexican... not me. i'd hate to think i might be getting a boner over a distant cousin.
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