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  1. dude's name is ledzep and he beats off in the shower? are you my long lost twin brother?
  2. "ow it hurts. please stop" "rape" then i follow by saying "leave"
  3. graff gave me athlete's foot. true story. i had green shit growing on my foot for a while. i am currently pampering myself with a sweet bowl of cocoa puffs.
  4. i've been 100% sober for the past 5 years. not a drop of alcohol or puff of smoke. not difficult at all. so it is possible. plus, you save a lot of money to blow on useless crap.
  5. probably going to suck. then again i say that about everything.
  6. post more of my shit. because i'm fucking awesome.
  7. "is it june yet?" "funnel" "grandma's tits" "chilidog"
  8. hell nah, it was kid chameleon. and the girl wouldn't fucking leave. it was a business transaction, not an ice cream social.
  9. i lost it the same day i ever kissed a girl (i was fucking 18.) i asked this girl to come over and "get it out of the way" for me. she obliged. she comes over, we do the deed. i'm bored the whole time. i finish, get up, and go play roms on my computer while she stares at me from my bed. days later she told me she was in love with me saying i was the best she'd ever had. my thoughts, "man, you must've had some lousy sex in your life."
  10. i came in here expecting to see harblz. damn you, catface.
  11. this weekend - going with the flow. playing some genesis. possibly write on things without having my balls freeze off.
  12. i just hooked up my genesis. i miss the days of 16 bit. these modern times may be a bit much for me.
  13. me and the boys are gonna go get some jack in the box tacos.all i have is a dollar. thanksgiving dinner is served.
  14. i rock boxers. since i'm poor and a slob many pairs have holes. usually i wake up with my dick hanging out of a hole that wasn't factory made. the more you know.
  15. ah, now that would make sense. now, back to being a hermit and playing ecco the dolphin.
  16. people are still going to 101? i thought that bitch blew the spot in the newspaper a few weeks back.
  17. chicken and biscuits. popeye's biscuits are the best.
  18. co-signed. is it my imagination, or do people actually get dumber in their 20's?
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