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  1. my mates mum went to see em last night.
  2. i would love to see if you had the balls to say that to someones face and not behind your screen name... ______________________________________ and im glad to hear everything is going well deto... Quoted post can no one take a fucking joke? but irregardless many many people on here know extactly who I am, including many of the mods... so fuck you too... Quoted post [/b] you cant just wish death on someones mother and expect everyone to lick your arse and be all safe with you. that a dickhead thing to say. have you never lost anyone? do you not have a mother? put yourself in his position. good luck deto, hope everything goes fine.
  3. lol. fancy filming it, thats well fresssh. is it venk doing the whipping?
  4. gren1 bnc

    1000th post

    at my peak i was at 15 posts a day, but it was more like 20 because i left it for ages, and then started posting. but once i got to 999 i stopped posting, but not i started again, in moderation.
  5. hahaha that vid is safe. was he asleep?
  6. i was on a bus the yesterday and i thought i spotted something new, nice one
  7. holla. liking the hum chrome and the mobs and deamse wall.
  8. the whole joke of the tshirt was that it was unpunctutated, no breaks. think about it without punctuation, if there was a comma it would be broken, and i could be addressing two types. fuck off (to one type) and then just saying emo fags for the sake of it. besides, like you need help. i bet there is not a single person who has looked at that t-shirt and not understood it. goon.
  9. gren1 bnc

    80's movies

    safe mate. well that shit gets my vote, fo sho.
  10. gren1 bnc

    80's movies

    was the goonies made in the 80's?
  11. why dont you fuck off, you fucking prick. obviously, its not the creme de la creme in here is it? as if we care what you yanks think.
  12. heres some new paper ive been working on.
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