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  1. y dont u just shut ur fuckin trap n quit wid all the bollox... post ur fuckin flicks u bitch
  2. i agree wid tripz... mansfield is shit at the moment n its all coza lil dicks that think they runnin things.... sperm? :haha:
  3. well i agree on that.... clove makes mansfield look wak, quit b4 u start! :haha:
  4. Likin nearly everythin i see... apart from all that clove bollox. peace
  5. wow... a page full of talking.... not bad
  6. well aint this fuckin thread dead :confused2:
  7. nice update 8ball the whole sk8 park looks phat.... Especially the stencils :haha:
  8. very nice update caps the wall looks sick!
  9. nice little update people keep em cummin
  10. Make the fuckin pics bigger fool
  11. nice1 lads that wall looks fuckin bang on!
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