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  1. basilskite


    :clown2: what the fuck happened...?! my boy flips and me will sort this shit out Saturday. sit tight... props to sire, hear, lier and the real heads.
  2. basilskite


    fuckin' tools. looks like DBC are fucked then. someone called HERD who's biting HEAR is a deadman. edit: it may be HERO, either way... :burn:
  3. that bird with ****... fuckin 'ell! :love2:
  4. basilskite


    the London/Brighton writer spreadin' the love in the West. http://edge.channel4.com/news/2005/08/week_1/05_banksy.wmv
  5. basilskite


    yes! take heed from sires words. flips - "dudes, DUDES"
  6. basilskite


    RAM shaggers you illiterate fuck. and ffs, you moan about graff in derby and yet you have SO many flics of painters in Notts who are aren't half as decent as the shit that's knocking around Derby. too much pride amongst you lot. I bet alot of you started of sketchy so why put people down that are learning and trying to get there work out there? give it up. I know good painters in Notts and they seem fully supportive of painters who aren't as skilled yet some of you who are half arsed are up yr arses.
  7. basilskite


    i'm doubitng this is gonna be that popular but if you've got ANY pics from Derby, post em! KEEP IT ALIVE! for my boys - newt/rews/brisk - MBC case newtone done at the 5lamps homegrown night another from homegrown bane koms/dew muz/sell opi/bane/sell/dew/muz message to the shitload of toys fucking up Derby FUCK DBC!
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