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  1. ?$?

    Wash DC

    Leave Frisco out of this shit.
  2. In Sf Check out 25th and mission LA TAQIERIA Fresh squeezed juices, carnitas, carne asada, veggie shit all top dollar 14th south van ness right on the corner-New central cafe Close second to a real wetty grandma for real. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Best spots in the city. Anyone loves El farolito's at 3:Am
  3. Thaat came out tight. ;)
  4. Those wre some fresh ass walls!!!!! The styles in the flow and letters were going on back then. Your flicks are :king:
  5. Flicks have been lookin goooooooooood. Keep it up!!!!! Whatca got fo me YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :clown2:
  6. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. UHhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah I just got the new Mac dre .Judge dre mathis. Try downloading that. Shit is fresh.......... ;)
  8. Richie Spice-Marijuana pon de corna Judge Dre Mathis........Thats the shit Guatellmalllllllllaaaaaa
  9. it's because she's awesome and awesome girls do that type of ish. Quoted post [/b] Spoken like a true schoolar and gentelman. ;)
  10. Alright DAD get em...... :innocent:
  11. I feeling most of those. Keep that shit coming............
  12. ?$?


    -Wise1- Heads up if you decide to go with south american cichlids your choices are slim. Not because they are hard to find but, their diet, tank mates and space become major factors. If you get oscars for example you can only keep oscars as tank mates. BORING. Also, all cichlids pretty much dig shit up so say good bye to those plants. Try anubis plants, java fern, and african ferns. These plants can grow on almost any surface. Drift wood and bulk rock I found to be the best. South American cichlids get big quik as fuck.So, they can rearange a small tank in less than a hour. If you are stuck on Americas cichlids look into Central Americas and Brazilian stuff. Since you say you are saving up for a 55gal. Read up on Lake Malawi or Lake Tangenika. Lake Malawi is more well known, more distributed and alot cheaper. VERY AGRESSIVE for their size which means tons of action. I personaly started out on those. For information on enviroments go to cichlidfurum.com. Don't let your money burn a hole in your pocket. Research this shit. Your gonna be doing this shit for years to come. Also, For the big tanks. Check flea markets, garage sales, craigslist, forum sites, e-bay etc etc. My cuzzin got a 175gal fully stocked for $200. Shop around....................... ;)
  13. ?$?


    No, The blood can be visable depending. What can of fish do you have?
  15. Someone kill the bullshit and get this thread back on track. Just don't flood it with only chill walls? That is all.............................. :rolleyes:
  16. Thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If only u were not on a computer u tourist caveman would bash your shit and have good times molly wopping ur cracker emo ass!!! Watch it.............. :love2:
  17. That flik dose posted is fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. ?$?


    Man no offense but, your tanks are very artifical lookin first of all. Second your fish are not agressive. Check cichlidforum.com. It's kool if you a just starting and are in to the hole guppy and barb things. The real show tanks are about the natural aquascapeing. Which means everything from the gravel/sand, rocks, driftwood, boulders, food diet, background, lighting, to the species in the comunity of the tank. I hope I did not shit on your parade but those castles, fake plants, and colored gravel just ...................are generic and gay. I really am not trying to call you out. I think you should read up on the lakes, rivers, and oceans that are available for export. There is a so much kool shit out there that most " pet shops" sleep on. Good luck on the tanks and education that comes with it. ;)
  19. ?$?

    the best

    That first story had N.A.M.B.L.A written all over it. :shook:
  20. who? Quoted post [/b] :haha: Asshole. :haha:
  21. This page is wack besides that chubs room! Yeah well I feel better, keep the pics coming.
  22. ?$?

    Your Idea

    :yuck: :shook: The amazing tales of the Rehab Renegades. :shook:
  23. ?$?


    Wise1 get on craigslist and check for tanks. Theres crazy deals in there, also see if you have underground auctions from aquaruim society clubs. Go big..............go natural as possible. Its a great thing to get into. I have been maintaining tanks for about ten years. I have worked at the Steinheart aquaruim, nippons, and the marine science institute. If you need any advise just let me know. I have never posted pics on here but, maybe this weekend? :o
  24. The best place I have found on the net is hurricanepass.com. The shit is d-boy prices. Its nada to a boss tycoon.....right. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ;) Check it out tell me what you guys think?
  25. I hate humanity I hate women that don't swallow I hate having to work 15 hours a day to pay rent I hate you HATE HATE HATE HATE :shook: :shook:
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