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  1. LUCKY CHANCES IS THE PLACE TO BE WHEN YOU IN THE BAY. Theres alot of dumb muthafuckas that can't wait to give you their money. Ive been playing there for about three years. Theres always mini and tournaments 24/7. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......... ;)
  2. Sade: Paradise Sade: Sweetest taboo 3-6-mafia:Gotta stay high YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. How long u guys been playing for? Like Scottie said" YEAH BABY"..
  4. Nigga Im the FRisco Stu Ungar!!!!!!!!! What It Do.YEEEEEEEEEEE...
  5. damn thats some playa hata ball shit. HATE HATE HATE
  6. Nice graduation present...ThANKS MOM.... :haha: :haha:
  7. Heres one! So three of my cuzzos and me decide to crash this party by hunters point. It turns out it was a graduation pre party. Us being the oldest ones there quickly try to find things to come up on. We are alone in a upstairs room when the chicks mom comes in. The lady was like 50 and getting drunk at her daughters party. She totally bought the chill people routine and starts trying to hang out with us. I notice that she seems to be flirting more than trying to hang out. Some time passes. By this time the other kids at the house seem interested in their friend's moms new found friends. My cuzzo ask the mom if there is way to the roof and tells her to come along. Once up there my cuzzo got her talkn all nasty. This bitch decides she ain't had some young cock in a minute and invites all of us in her room. I Quote " I want to suck all your guys cocks". Make a long story short the bitch could suck something real special like :gaga: :gaga: , Came up on jewlery, less than a hundred bucks in cash, a bottle of cheap rum. I forgot to mention once we walked the family and friends decided it was time for us to leave. The ladys daughter was balling crying...... :haha: :haha:
  8. ?$?


    No its all about feeding the convict to my paranhas......YESSSSSSSSSSS that would be nice. :hatred:
  9. ?$?


    yeah well i just bought another tank today, flipppin huge 25 gallons its like 3 feet high, and two feet long, i work at a pet store so its kinda easy.... but i plan on putting bala sharks, tiger barbs, clown loaches, and oscars in it till they get bigger....... i will have a chichild tank and a community tank... and pachostimists ( sucker fish) can get up to 2 feet long, they get big..... love the flix, post more if you got em' Quoted post [/b] You mean a pleco? Those are terrible. Get a large african Cat. I have been breeding a red belly parahna school, african cichlids, and have a south american show tank. I have the good prices and varities if anyone would like to try some non homo fish. I am willing to separate with them if you have the right homes.
  10. ?$?


    These tanks all suck and seem very homosexual :haha: :haha: . If any one has cichlids, triggers, paranahs, or even reaf tanks post that! Also, pm me if you are in Nor Cal and would like to know about some packs of Red bellys. :hatred: :hatred: :hatred:
  11. ?$?


  12. everytime i see one of your fuckin newage "graffiti art" stickers i tare it off the wall with a certain pride. maybe if i discourage you from making that bull crap you can go back to your basement where all the other artists belong. but wait?! ive never seen one of your stupid stickers before, although i am quite familiar with the design. its because your posting it on the internet, you shameless self promoter. take a tip. nobody gives a fuck. maybe if you got up you could "spread the word" without the aid of a computer. sell out Quoted post [/b] The dudes got Mix CD HookUPS FOE SHO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :krunk: :dozey:
  13. FRISCO.....WHAT IT DO?
  16. .RENT IT FIRST. The movie is worth renting and burnning,NOT WORTH BUYING the ending is wack as fuck. Cheesey Japenese fuckers .............. :(
  17. The last couple of pages are ill! Post em if you got em. Be safe all you crazy people................... ;)
  18. I can't see shit either. Good luck on getting those flicks and keeping up with the streets. Keep this thread at the top.....
  19. Hey,,,,,,,, phunk you got anymore klame or any TMC at all? Tmc was the shit in the early 90's. Keep this thread going. Yall be safe now ya hurrrrrrd ;)
  20. Nice flicks Thizz. Keep doing what chall doing. Post em if ya gottem ;)
  21. The best city in the world?
  22. Those are great flicks Water & Phunk. I just thought I would say thanks ;) Have a safe weekend all yall crazy muthafuckers.......... .........
  23. This page is fuckin awesome !!! Sweet! Hang loose on a rad board and go watch the dogtown legends.dude swwwwwwwwwwwwweeeet.
  24. Its friday :spin2: The stores are selling brown shugga. The green clubs are open and the hookers are hoeing. I hope everyone has a great weekend. P.s. Wheres the daily fresh frisco flixs?
  25. Youre more than welcome to post your own shit. And if you say BST is boo boo, why trip off them? Quoted post [/b] Nigga hey didn't mean to get you butt hurt! Yea I "THINK" they are boo boo! That is my opinion! love it or hate it im gonna say it I would LOVE TO POST my own pics I have collected. The thing is I section 8 ain't coming through quick enuf. NO SCANNER :rolleyes:
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