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  1. El Mammero- For my non-sarcastic thoughts on what came to mind, you have to admit the whole layout of the “article� is hokey, and you could have just as easily found an article that doesn’t have the aura of a hallmark card through googleEDIT- like this, found in a 10 second search ... And maybe even a similar story that doesn’t involve 200 poor, defenseless Iraqis getting mowed down by the American aggressors, which is obviously going to evoke a knee jerk reaction with this crowd. Unless that’s what you were going for. Using what he went through as some sort of half assed science experiment might also be a little bit tasteless, not that anyone cares. That being said I have nothing but admiration and respect for the man, I personally have no trouble coming to terms with him making sure that the supply lines behind him or his platoon didn't get ambushed and killed. The republican guard didn't have facilities for prisoners, and wouldn't have simply disbanded our forces to freely leave if they had won. He did what he had to do in a really shitty situation, and did it very well. Anyways, you are right. I did bait people and take jabs at them in this thread to an extent. My attempt at a conversation on the merits of a defense based military seemed to infuriate some people, and was also off topic. But in some of the posts, I made some observations on the ONLY other viewpoint in this thread. After reading the way people responded to the “article�, don’t expect me to walk on eggshells and sugarcoat the responses that are on topic for the benefit of someone who might get butt hurt. I guess a different opinion on what has been posted already is going to be taken as a jab (which I didn’t intend it as)… and if the only discussion you want is the same bullshit that has been posted 20 plus times in here already (albeit worded slightly differently), then I apologize for disagreeing in strong terms and will let you guys get back to agreeing with each other.. or the stellar dialogue like the three posts above this.
  2. Ok, in order… Burlap, the post was about your and lonesomecowboybill’s views on whether the military should be defensive, and why the “elites� don’t want it to be, etc. Not all of my posts are personal attacks directed towards you, so there’s no need to get so offended and write a book report every time I post something. Since you said yourself you don’t want to keep the “back and forth� going, I’ll leave it at that, although you probably won’t. Dawood- sorry, I didn’t think you explaining that there are Arab Catholics was pertinent information. Here is the full post, in context. So this is a spiritual statement? It seems to be more of a justification for suicide bombings and your reasoning why the Muslims “soldiers� will win in Iraq than a spiritual statement…but in all fairness, your love of death actually is a key spiritual part of your beliefs, so I guess I am wrong. Back to the original point in quoting you, your description of American foreign policy- � They want us to believe that destruction is reform, killing is life, disorder is order and injustice is justice� -is really spot on with your own description of Islam. El Mammero- When I read the article I first thought its presentation was a little corny, and that Captain is more of a man than I will ever be. I then thought how awesome and superior I am, not to have gotten tricked by those wily Marine Corps recruiter ninjas…then go destroy the wonderfully peaceful fantasy land paradise that was Iraq, and kill the poor defenseless iron hand of Saddam, the republican guard. Then I wondered what it would be like if I was on the iron chef, but forgot how to cook.
  3. :shook: :shook: :shook: :haha: :love2: :clown2: :chicken: :five-o: :haha:
  4. And on the thread topic, there are tons of stories like the one above. The SAS sniper team that killed 3 suicide bombers consecutively before they could detonate themselves at restaurants and markets, or the Marine who smothered a grenade with his own body before it could go off and kill his squad. But a lot of people share the attitudes in here so it doesn't sell and therefore isn't newsworthy. People cringe when they think about what actually goes on, they prefer just to see numbers of the dead and hear about large offensive operations, things that are very impersonal.
  5. Lonesome Cowboy Bill was the only person to actually back up his comments, successfully. Ban-this/HeinrichHimmler- Just because we lost a few ships and were attacked at Pearl Harbor doesn’t remotely make WWII a defensive action. Defense would have been setting up strong coastal fortifications and waiting to fight off an invasion. Instead, we went to their countries, destroyed their armies, infrastructure, and a lot of their cities. We went on the offensive. And if you see a justification for WWII based on the Pearl Harbor attack, why don’t you see a justification for the wars in the Middle East right now? We were struck by Al Qaeda on 9-11, assuming you don’t buy into the conspiracy theories, and we are fighting Al Qaeda and other Muslim extremists in both Iraq and Afghanistan right now. It’s ok for you to pick and choose where your theory for defense and offense is applicable, I guess. And since some of you have your heads so far up your ass you don’t see how a lot of these comments are ridiculously condescending and offensive if said to the man this thread is based on, here are some examples… � but one day he'll ask if they should have been there in the first place.� What makes you think he wasn’t asking himself that question on the flight to Kuwait? �He did what he thought he had to do.� No, he did what he HAD to do. He ran into some of the few Iraqis who weren’t going to surrender, the republican guard. He had the choice of retreating, and let some guy in a supply truck behind him get ambushed, or do his job and kill them before they killed him. �Are my wages going to be higher after the war? Am I going to be able to afford medical insurance after the war? Probably not.� Oh, it doesn’t directly benefit you. You poor thing. “hey a guy that killed 20 Iraqis wow he just achieved the american dream� Yeah, I bet he was just thrilled he took someone else’s life. You get the picture. Burlap, once again I apologize for taking your post as what was written instead of the opposite of what it said…I will try harder to decode it in the future. Back to filing more books now!
  6. Ok then <!--QuoteBegin-Dawood@Feb 16 2006, 10:05 AM Muslims aren't scared of your rootinest tootinest. We love death like you love life. Quoted post Dawood, you seem like a good guy, you take care of your family which is more than most do...but you come off as more than a little crazy with your religious views. Islam has gotten a bad rap because elements of it that have gone pretty much insane, but comments like the one above from so called moderate Muslims really don't help the perception.
  7. Reading the mein kampf much? You really are incredibly stupid.
  8. <!--QuoteBegin-BURLAP@Mar 31 2006, 03:50 PM the favoured truth is that american intervention is "defense"..protecting democracy and all those sorts of cheery things..which in a way is sort of true, but in a completely twisted and brutal way. Quoted post By this logic, World War II was also an illegal action and wasn't in self defense. The Germans never attacked or held any of our soil. The Japanese only held a remote piece of Alaska, the Aleutian Islands, and we fought them across the Pacific until we obliterated two of their cities (way overkill brah). This logic would also call any preventative military actions illegal and imperialist ect, like what we could have done in Rwanda to prevent genocide or what many of you have suggested we do in Darfur. (I can hear it already "No Janjaweed neva called me a nigga! Bring our troops home!") On a side note, the condescension, ignorance, and self righteousness that is literally dripping off many of you in this thread on the views of US servicemen are amazing and also exactly what I expected to hear. God bless America, home of the selfish and land of the ungrateful. Enjoy your right to talk shit about the government, your oil and your SUVs, your food, your cozy warm beds, your colleges, your Prozac and your weed, and the fact that you don’t speak German… because the very same poor redneck, inferior to your massive intellectual prowess, misinformed, and stupid, who got suckered into murdering the other team in such an arbitrary way, have gave you those rights with his blood. Speaking of Orwell, there is some quote that your reactions are bringing to mind. Something about sleeping safe in your beds at night? Eh, must be a misquotation because it disagrees with what I use his politics for.
  9. You're talking about Islam, right? Remember when you described how your religion worships death, or "martyrdom"?
  10. Wait........you mean, we actually KILL people in a war? JESUS CHRIST MONKEY BALLS!!!!!!! I have lost all support for the United States military!!!! Don't they know violence isn't the answer, unless you are an Iraqi insurgent(not terrorist!) and therefore it is acceptable?
  11. Tsuifuku- Venezuela isn’t a completely locked down state like North Korea is, but Chavez has been making steady progress to outlaw any political dissent. The Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International aren’t groups that anyone would call conservative or in the pocket of the US, and they have done a decent job documenting what he has been doing down there. Whether you think Chavez does in fact have the greater good in mind, and the occasional murder/imprisonment of someone who disagrees with him is acceptable is a matter of opinion. But the eroding human rights, and growing inability to dissent there isn’t a matter of opinion, they are facts. I used Stalin as an example because he is very similar to Chavez (anti US propaganda, claiming to want equal wealth distribution) only more extreme. And I think we can all agree South/Latin American women are indeed udd sexy. Brazil might take the lead on that one though. King of Bling- I was going to write a long, tedious post about how incompetent the UN is at preventing massacres and the US’s large military is required often, like at Srebenica when they literally handed over a refugee camp to be killed, but what’s the point. We go to shitty places in the world to help (or steal their natural resources, depending on your politics), and there is usually a tremendous backlash and we are labeled the world police, imperialists, blah blah. Then, when our help is really needed, we don’t go because we don’t want the same backlash, and the same self righteous assholes protesting the previous US actions are complaining that we never go and help out when its needed. Case and point: Somalia, and a year later the Rwandan genocide. Or Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Those were some nice communists. The aggressor label is appropriate, to a certain extent, but remember the people you are defending to have weapons could also be labeled as such. Venezuela interferes with politics in South America frequently, their agressive treatment of domestic "problems" aside. Their good friend Fidel had to be talked out of starting a nuclear holocaust, by the Russians, back during the Cuban missile crisis...not to mention what he’s done since. Venezuela’s close ally Iran has been behind a lot airline hijackings and explosions, genocide in Lebanon, the US embassy and USMC barracks bombings, suicide bombings and kidnappings since the late 70’s through their Revolutionary Guard. Most recently the Iranian-Shiite militias who have been responsible for a large chunk of the 1,000 plus Sunni civilians who have been kidnapped, tortured, and executed in the past weeks. It might be hypocritical for us to tell Iran not to build a weapon we have 5,000 of (probably more), but we haven’t used any of those since WWII on an enemy. I’d personally rather not find out how often Iran wants to use them.
  12. El Mamerro is right on the money about Chavez. It hurts my head to see people get sucked into his bullshit, and actually ask questions like “hey, he’s not so bad, why all the hostility?� after reading about the things he blatantly does you can only imagine what goes on behind the scenes. I wonder how you guys would of reacted to Stalin. On a side note, “ban-this� is SF right, or is there actually someone else out there that ignorant and inclined to use dozens of emoticons for each sentence? I’ve missed you little buddy!
  13. I guess a little bit off topic, but most people who share the views you have also believe that the US’s massive military and bloated military budget is wrong, examples of how we are the imperialist pigs of doom, ect. So, do you also accept the United State’s right to build an army and acquire “any� weapons we want, or is that a one way street for Venezuela only? Wouldn’t that be a tad hypocritical? <!--QuoteBegin-tsuifuku@Mar 28 2006, 05:22 PM On Chavez controlling the media/locking up and torturing dissidents? Uh no. When i was in venezuela there were anti chavez protests in another area of caracas - venezuelan doctors protesting cuban doctors in the country. Media on lockdown? Then why can you get FOX FUCKING NEWS IN VENEZUELA? Quoted post I’m guessing you either have family there, or came down for the WTO parties held by Chavez since Caracas isn’t exactly a place to buy a timeshare at. If you have family in Caracas who can afford a TV, and a satellite to get US news channels, there is a mighty good chance they are some of the few rich people there who probably have ties to the Chavez government which would bring your motives into question. What’s much more likely is you were there for the WTO/WSF protests...and bong circles (just a joke!), that were scheduled and run by Chavez’s people…do you honestly think they would have let you seen anything that might shake their western following of college kids they are oh so dependant on? And let me guess, you’re FOX news signal was from a hotel, that you were staying at with other westerners? Not to mention a protest against Cuban doctor’s is not quite the most damaging and critical jab at Chavez’s govt. I implore you to read some of the links above on what happens to people who genuinely criticize his government. One tiny example, also posted above, since scrolling up and reading something on the subject is so difficult… EXAMPLE OF CHAVEZ'S AWESOMENESS, PART DEUX! "Abuses during demonstrations At least 14 people died during nationwide anti-government demonstrations in February and March. As many as 200 were wounded and several of those detained were ill-treated or tortured by members of the security forces. Investigations into the abuses were slow and inadequate, reportedly due to the lack of impartiality of the police and judiciary. * Carlos Eduardo Izcaray stated that he was observing one of the demonstrations in Caracas on 1 March when the situation became increasingly violent. He tried to leave the area but was detained with others by members of the National Guard and repeatedly beaten and threatened with death in an attempt to make him admit to participating in violent acts. He filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office after he was released without charge." More
  14. I haven't heard the word "bogus" since Hasslehoff's band had a healthy following of 13 year old german girls. Do you have a teenage mutant ninja turtle sweatshirt? And why can't anyone respond to the points made? That's pretty bogus right there, and not righteous at all bros. Dawood, yes I am. How come you respond to my posts now, but when I asked you about your grossly conflicting views about your religion you just wrote "this is rediculous"? Come on buddy, Allah will guide you! Get your prayer dress on, its a celebration!
  15. Propaganda, sure. But websites like "prison planet", you would agree are pretty anti-US govt and in your opinion truthful? Not to mention opposition figures in the US like Cindy Sheehan. In Venezuela anything critical of the government is extremely restricted if not banned all together. Dissidents are, at the very least, thrown in prison and tortured. Had you bothered to read some of the links from human rights watch or amnesty international, you would know that. I didn't mention genocide, but we have killed a shit load of Indians a hundred plus years ago to get the land we own today. Ask Chavez what happens in his camps for political dissidents or to people protesting him today, or better yet ask his good buddy Fidel what happened to several hundred thousand missing people who happened to disagree with him over the past 40 years. And yeah, our country has poor and homeless people. Go check out the percentages of people in the US living under the poverty line, compared to the percentages of the people in Venezuela who live in shit. Try it, its way trippy bro. Speaking of the poor, what country gives 40% of the world's global aide, more than any other nation? Take a wild guess. Yeah, I am quite sick of the CIA's media-homo agenda. God damn fags! <!--QuoteBegin-lord_casek@Mar 27 2006, 05:40 PM stop being such a lapdog for the republicrats. Quoted post And what are you being, defending Chavez and continually pushing your conspiracy theories on here? A lap poodle maybe. And you still have not responded to any of the claims outlined in the above HRW and AI articles....just ignore them, deny it, or live with them? Pretending everything you believe about the US gov is true, what is the difference between them and Chavez's govt that you defend? Maybe the ends justify the means, that has really worked out swell in the past.
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