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  1. Yadadamean I feel man!
  2. ?$?


    Mee too. Im looking for more southerns spots, like kittery and ogunquit (sp.). Also there should be more Maine rep on NewEnglandGraffAttack.com Flicks welcome Quoted post [/b] Thanks man, I went on there. There wasn't aanything about Maine. I also couldn't talk to anyone. Tight graff though. Be safe when you get there. ;)
  3. Tough love your flick ain't showing up. Can anyone else see it?
  4. Anyone got the new flicks for this page? ;) Post em if you got em.
  5. ?$?


    Hey, Im going to maine for 2 weeks. Can I get some advice on where the spots on trains near bangor are. Please Pm me . Thanks ;)
  6. Dole is a spot jocking Toy. Toys tend to do that shit :(
  7. Any more flixs for the night? ;)
  8. sorry if your one of them and i hurt your feelings. :haha: but that shit is mad hurt espesially the organs :yuck: . collor schemes are bad but the letter structure is horrible! :yuck: typical beginer toy graff. not hating just laughing. relax, everyones got to start somewhere. Quoted post Honestly none of that is mine. I will say some not all is good. Remember this is for retarded wakness!!!!!!!!!!! Not decent looking toy graff. Just my opinion.
  9. ?$?

    Bright Eyes

    poetic.. just poetic............I totally agree with your artistic veiw. Totally, straight foward yet so sureal :gaga: Wheres the heroin? Serously, no wheres the herion? :chicken:
  10. :huh2: This good graff. Why are you hateing?
  11. :huh2: I am overwhelmed and and speechless. Great flic fellows. To many to name. :love2: This is the best page in months. Keep it up. I love that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Unbisexualone has some great flixs! I hope you contribute more in the future. Good shit! ;)
  14. Bushoppin fo life what it do!
  15. Real koooooool flixs mannnnnnn. Anyone else got anything? Street,muni,transit,....etc,etc,etc ;) If not go get some! Thats a order damnit!!!!! :hatred:
  16. im not emo but thanks anyways Quoted post Huh....you don't say.
  17. ?$?


    What happened to Maine? ;)
  18. that fools from the aves youll find him out there Quoted post who the fuck iz you snitch nigga!! :shook: Quoted post [/b] He's the ghetto white kid informent from nash bridges :shook:
  19. How fast is it? :huh2: :huh2: :haha:
  20. That is to bad Amaze got shat on there. Nice flixs Emo graffer ;)
  21. Is this Korean? Or some kind of Asian? :haha: Quoted post [/b] Is that Bigfoot? Damn am DuMB. God Idiot .Sssssssssssssssss. :burn:
  22. Is this Korean? Or some kind of Asian? :haha:
  23. I like that spot alot..........hahahahahahha.
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