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  1. Swizel

    the best

  2. Swizel

    pattern oriented clothing

    tie-die. cant go wrong there. Food coloring and white shirts and you can have a wole new/old trend on your hands.
  3. Swizel

    the best

    my bad. Regale. guess what that means.
  4. Swizel

    the best

    It's time for you to regale us with a story. Let me get my mat.....and a bocks of jucy guidlines for thread: insults should at least be funny or clever otherwise do as you please
  5. Swizel

    shit that pisses on you

    People who think their Mustang is fast. BItches that work at baskinrobbins, and e-mail my homie after he told the bitch not to address him, then I haft to hear him bitch about the dumb bitch that dosnt listen. And "J-Lo" that dumb bitch. I best not find her working at baskinrobbins, else the shit will go down . Also my backspace button sticks and I haft to retype my previous line. And the French.
  6. Just compleated and essay about my view of the I Have a Dream speech. And what it ment to the diffrent "social classes". It's pretty good if I might add. :huh2:
  7. Swizel

    Islamic scholars warning about Bin Laaden

    Islam=Unedited Christianity. Simple as can be. They have been fucked with for far too long. I mean holy shit The Crusades, comstant challenging of their way of life. If you want to get rid of the terrorist just leave them the hell alone. And especially dont challeng their religon. Just leave them be.
  8. Swizel

    Unwarranted Searches on NYC Mass Transit

    I thought my rights were suppost to be violated. But is'nt that what the Patroit Act is for? You know the act that was written with the soot from the constitution. I love how communisum is bad, and how our president has shown us how bad it is BY EXMPLE. Funny right?
  9. Swizel

    Mobb Deep part of 50 cent..

    Heavy D+ Garth Brooks= Instaclassic. Right?
  10. Swizel

    "over there"

    Is that the show about Veitnam or what not. 4400 is qusi-ill, but not even close to the premimum quality which is The Shield. Best show on Mini-HBO.
  11. Swizel

    the next fucking person

    what kind of prize is up for grabs? Gold, Jewls, Cream cheese.
  12. Swizel

    it took a while

    This is my first post and thread since i signed up 2 years ago. How great is that. :king: