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  1. that story is not on the AP website BS
  2. Re: Men are more superior then women [Debate] What do men (historically the true bearers of culture, conquest and tradition) gain from allowing women absolute equality? Biological differences cannot be denied ; the question that we face is just how profound these differences are. Women are biologically determined to give birth and suckle infants, are they not? Should not there place be at home, and should not their sole occupation be to make babies? What do we gain from putting men out of work so that women may replace them? If we look into this further, which I have, I feel cheated. Women have been granted equality to an extent which is convenient for them, and have stopped there. Many will accuse me of being sexist, and that there is no difference between men and women. We are all equal. Ok. But consider war. When we go to War with Iran, and the draft will be set in motion, will 18 year old girls be sent off with 18 year old boys? I doubt it. Why? Aren't men and women equal? This would prove that they are not. I believe we should re-think our moral and fraternal outlooks on the position of women. I believe that Western Feminist movements have cheated the true prowess of masculinity and vitiated the greatness of man's abilities by subordinating their interests to the effeminate demands of women. Greatness is found in power, force and combat ; not equality, androgyny and effeminacy. And so to conclude, I think we should deliver an ultimatum to Feminist movements. They should either admit or deny their equality to men on the premise of military capability. If women are equal, then they should be drafted into the military just like little boys are. If they refuse to accept this, then they should be sent back to the home, to make babies. What are your thoughts? Is it not fair that we grant women equality in all areas save the duty to serve your country in times of peril?
  3. the new boards of canada comes out that day too. how odd nosdam
  4. Re: Any room for "doubt"? fake. mastoid severed
  5. Re: CHARACTER BOMBS who is this?????????????:p
  6. fuck i had a feeling that would happen at least i tried eh? pz
  7. yeah the hash browns = teh suck
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