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    NY City subways are well fun this time of year. Easier than painting walls sometimes, just go down any random tunnel, u sure to run into some of your fellow jotterz
  2. OK, I got a fuckload more rap letters for ya Cereal from Asia and the Americas. Problem is Oontz never lets me login and now has 101 ads and shit that slows down my haggard old comp. Someone/Anyone please PM me when this shit is back n functioning and I'll come back n post up more stuff. Until then I'll be giving the Oontz a pretty wide berth
  3. Yeah, someone please PM me when this shit is working again
  4. I like McDonalds Tartar and mayo mixed together for fry dipping. good stuff. Lao chef I worked with used to make some funky combos. Patties made from hamburger mince mixed with fish cake mix, actually tasted fukn great. He also once mixed sugar, salt, coke and 7up-weirdest thing I ever tasted, he said it's a normal thing over there. On the fukd up pizza thing in taiwan they'd do like fruit salad pizza with kiwi fruit and 'vegetarian' pizza often meant getting a pack of frozen peas, corn, carrots etc and putting it on a pizza. Shit was haggard. Google search bought back some bad memories http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2803/4280117749_03b44813e0.jpg http://www.nileguide.com/destination/blog/taipei/files/2011/12/California-Pizza-Kitchen.jpg Argentina does awesome pizza but they do hard boiled eggs on pizza which is mega fail http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_-h21a4dOz48/TIQ7inXXpSI/AAAAAAAACOw/kIA6hqODLjk/s1600/argentinapizza.jpg
  5. Some stuff I dumped in my travel thread on CH. 0, might as well dump some of it here too Oz Not Oz
  6. Learning to play the piano music
  7. ^^Really? Spewin, I'm not surprised the throw is gone but it's rough that roller is gone. Did they buff it or add floors to the next door building covering it up? Also I'm taking requests people. Tell me what u wanna see and I'll try to make it happen. Americas, Asia, more Oz, Rap letters, rap letters on trains, girls, partying, arty photography, nature, surf stuff, scat, that jap porn where chick bang octopuses and shit, I got it all. Also how the fuck did I forget this gem? Brisbane, QLD, Australia. DTS dude, nuff said
  8. Got to McDonalds at some stupid hour of the morning once and asked for a big mac with mayo instead of mac sauce and mcChicken patties instead of beef. It was fukn killler
  9. I remember seeing this dudes stuff in 12oz when it was a print magazine Venice beach shot, nothing like Tony Hawk at all. I tried to do a smith grind on a tennis net, totally didn't work
  10. California rap letters, 2005 I think? Some SF, some LA, some elsewheres, you figure it out This one popped up in a Nike commercial once Dope hands Middle of a major street in the city, legal?
  11. Rap Letters. I wanna state now that I took every one of these fukn shots, with my camera. Nothing I'm about to post has been stolen off some blog, so if you see it pop up on some blogs which I'm sure it will, you know where it came from. MyWay Queensland, Australia. Really good graff scene over there considering how small it is and how Nazi their cops are. Most of these flicks are from the mid 2000's, like 04-07ish I think Bloggers favourite This dude had some of the sickest style Australias ever seen in my opinion Very tricky This is how ya do it kids I think apart from the red this was all dulux or $2 paint
  12. Ha, funny but big no. I was thinking more like this Yes it is, thanks for reminding me. I'm guessing you've spent some time there I got nothing against Texas/Texans. Just an impartial observer
  13. Smash all, then go to jail, no regrets
  14. I heard Picasso snitched on Cope 3 and Ether then got rolled for his spraytins at the laidup at 104 and 94th st train parking
  15. Colorado-fukn dope place, lots of partying to be done, nice peoples, great snow, and they hate Texans which was funny as I saw lots of em around Freight line a block from my place, noisy cunts this dude was up heaps on freights Denver-so purty Golden-mad chill lil country town where they make Coors I think Trippin round the rockies :) Colorado snow is so much better than Australian snow, it's like comparing a service station microwave cheeseburger with a Las Vegas buffet, no comp Hippy chick
  16. California-this great state introduced me to tried Valiums n Vicodin n I smoked a blunt for the first time ever. Great place, San Fran rules, LA is a concrete jungle and I saw shit that was like an old Ice Cube film clip, corner stores with bars on the windows, black dudes with durags and steroid addictions, ghetto birds, Venice beach(not as cool as in Tony Hawk, lotta shits been demolished) This guy Free paint :)
  17. Singapore-Sterile, safe, like a hospital. Also you don't wanna get busted here, not for painting trains, not for smoking weed or any other more serious drugs, not for nothing, and it's expensive. But the food is fukn good haha If they remade Happy Days in India I think this guy would be the new Fonz Bird Park-dudes pay a fee and get a pole to hang their birds on and everyone listens to em 'sing', apparently a good bird can easily fetch $10,000. The food there is so god damn good, this was an authentic customer statement Fuck these guys eat so good and so cheap Check out the pedophile dude creepin in the left of this pic Some shitty 'urban' club, ended up getting wasted and smoking weed with some of the models from the fashion parade there Model Rap art in the club Rap art on the street Art shot Jackie Chan-the man Yeah
  18. Queensland, the sunshine state. Bit of a shithole really, home to a lotta touristy shit and some decent waves, and the Gold Coast is FULL of bitches who look like Pamela Anderson or wanna look like Pamela Anderson-bler Nature stuff View south from Burleigh National park Dope beach that I won't name cuz I don't want every cunt to get on it Aww yeah doggy Arty stuff Fun under the city-Bennywise eats here apparently Thats CJ Hobgood-for any surfers out there Parko-Legend and a few thousand bucks richer after winning quikpro Hhhmmm-Yes This place sucks
  19. Photos from my travels, sometimes random, sometimes with some sort of order. With some rapletter content. I notice a lotta these travel threads in 'The writers forum' have no rapletters in em. If ya want anything, girls, arty shots, party shots, moar rap letters, pics of me at juggalo gatherings etc just lemme know and I'll see what I can dig up. Starting with my home town, the greatest city in the greatest country on earth. Melbourne, Australia Development of the city, it sucks Tomato sauce rap letters in an abando Richmond station art faggotry shot Carlton United Welcome to St Kilda (the nice bit, not the bit thats full of hookers and that) Lushman One of my fave writers growing up BANG Rest In Peace Dude always had this wall on lock All Dope boys pity the foo' JMJ Classic line from a classic movie Some history for those in the know Next-QLD
  20. I couldn't get a good shot cause there was a van parked infront of it, and dude uses tape to get mega clean shines which I can't really support. Tourists
  21. Siga la vaca was fukn dope, the one by the river? Yeah those all you can eat BBQ joints were the fukn bomb, like 99% meat and then a piss tiny lil salad bar :) Also mate tea is fukn dope. I still drink it but getting it imported to Oz is pricey. I know this ain't my thread but if people want lemme know. I got quite a few train flicks when I was there, trains can run for a few years over there, they just buff the windows. Some lines were crazy like old NY or some parts of Europe now where ya just sit and every train had a panel or 2 on em. I went to certain lines and just sat there until I'd seen every train. Good times
  22. Couple nice joinups Good times being had If you dunno who this is you better aks somebody If you dunno who this is then you a dumbcunt
  23. Nice one melbsteez I been away from this crap cuz it doesnt like me logging in and real world stuff (girls, work work work, painting, etc etc) have been keeping me busy, but here's a rando mixed bag of flicks from like last year? I just hate your graffiti :)
  24. Godamn that was a fukn awesome card. -Miller is gone, meh? No big loss. Bisping said he actually felt sorry for him. And Dana gave him the chop for some 'backstage mayhem' (sorry couldn't help myself) which he didn't elaborate on -Varner-Barboza was a good one. -Dan Hardy had a pretty nice win as did Miocic -Roy Nelson got another highlight reel clip in the bank, as much as he used to piss me off, there's something about, just can't hate on him too much -Johnson seemed to just walk into a trap like a fly running into a cobweb, good attempt though but he needs to step up his wrestling game -Velasquez absolutely handled Silva and I'm surprised Mir made into the 2nd round. Tried one takedown, no luck so he tried to stand up with Junior-Bad idea son. I think the Cain and Junior are just that far ahead of everyone else in their division, Reemroid? We'll see in 12 months if Dana lets him back in. Cormier? We'll see but I don't see him on JDS/Cains level, those dudes are beasts. Wonder how many JDS/Cain fights we'll end up seeing? Yo Pert, what's with the ironforgesiron thing at the end of your gifs? Props for making/posting em anyways. Next up someone vs Silva as Belfort just busted his hand and then Chael/Silva 2. Can't wait for that one
  25. Nice one cunty, seems we were in Thailand around the same time, possibly even at the same koh phan yang party. Propped
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