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  1. so i the studio that i was managing closed its doors due to poor (BEFORE ME) management by the owner. she didnt pay rent for the past 6 months putting us 50k in the hole not to mention aaaaaaaaaaaaall the overdrafts and fees because i think she was pocketing the money. got 2 d700's and a couple of photogrenics strobes out of it tho. now i gots to hustole to find a new job. thought it be interesting to post/vent here lol
  2. damn that spots ill...care to share location on pm? /nospotjock,photographyreasonsoner
  3. esperanza gomez FTW her and lolly badcock, brittish bitch got it goin on.
  4. FUCK that. me n spiders dont mix. co worker told us a story at work today how her aunt got bit by a brown recluse and laid eggs INSIDE her leg. weeks later them shits hatched and ate her leg from the inside out. died couple months after that. shit sounded grimey
  5. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD story on that plane that couldnt airborn?
  6. saw an ODK on my way home on 610 by shepherd-ish...looked quite nice, was on freeway so no flick. boo me
  7. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD i dunno why that ^^^ reminds me of that south park episode where they go to the rain forest and cartman tries to hit the snake and then runs away, props to whoever finds that gif haha 'thats a bad snake-AH!"
  8. good enough camera, OUTSTANDING lenses. canon 5d, a bunch of "L" series lenses. couple of 580exII's, some pocketwizards and youre ready to roll
  9. unless you have a fisheye lens iceland looks pretty ehhh.....
  10. anybody tryin to get rid of a canon mount fisheye?..
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