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  1. Asert ur gettin better quick like..if i could figure out how to post shit i'll post some of my new shit...bein on probation suuuuuuuuuuux...i need to get out and paint...one
  2. yeah cheap cameras suck but it's better than nathan...bump for cheap camera postin....haha
  3. Fresh post..that VICIOUS is ridiculous...bump
  4. bump for these fliks and the flic of the ibt yard
  5. Bump for Goose and Task
  6. That memorial is fresh...RIP BORE...the graff game misses you.....
  7. Thats not HARSH TM FS BSK NETWORK..thats a biter
  8. Hell yeah MERK ISHU YIKES SER real new orleans heads reppin...bump
  9. always comin thru with the funk fr8otech...it's not often i spot one of my fr8's on here...keep it up homie!
  10. keep em comin homie.......
  11. Grimes

    Here More

    old SEEK...tnfk..inc..hometown friend...nice post 160....holla
  12. fresh post dank,comin correct homie.....
  13. some nice wizerk...keep'em comin
  14. funky fresh post for funky fresh postman
  15. fresh ass post...keep'em comin homie...
  16. great ass post...keep'em comin homie...
  17. Grimes


    yeah bump for are,renk,and task...hometown boyz
  18. yeah they got a grip of writers here in new orleans that knew BORE,i personally never met him ,but heard many stories about this cat...rest in power homie u will be missed....one...p.s.how old was he when he passed?..just curious.......
  19. I'm left handed no doubt,although i'm ambidextrous when it comes to fillin in my work,i have to detail left handed to get the funk goin.....one
  20. g g g g gea! allways good to see good people do there thing.got a grip of NSF fr8 fliks,comin correct every time,keep on keepin on homie.....oh yeah how's raels doin,i know ken82 used to get down with him in orlando,and i know ya'll r all cool,hit me bak with an update...one love for nise and the crew
  21. Lil homie It's funny how the youngest cat in my crew burns most fools alot older than him...keep it up asert...oh yeah i should be hittin the canal soon to peice,i'll let u know something when it happens...one
  22. nice post,feelin quite a few of em,keep em comin playboy!
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