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  1. I thought I'd take some time to share what I've seen lately.... More Whore:lol:
  2. It was a pleasure trading with you in the past.
  3. If only I didn't work so far away....
  4. Hermdog


    ^^damn I'm gone a year or so and angry becomes a moderator...I must be getting rusty..go get 'em. Whatever happened to comeups sketching before they touch the walls??? Oh well same old shit..different groups of youngins
  5. Thanks, it's good to be back in the thick of it....
  6. The Travels quality fr8s and walls caught by yours truely....
  8. That spot was better when it was live, but I'm glad to hear they lay up periodically....beware if that path has tracks on it then the jeeps aren't far behind.
  9. some idiot buffed out Stab's shout to the soldiers...
  10. These guys always make me want to get out there and bench.....shouts to each of you... I'll have to see what I can post up...I've got plenty to share
  11. damn this post makes me miss the rails.....fantastic job....
  12. great post...how's life treating you spaceman?
  13. Thanks for noticing my 5th that week.
  14. Thanks for noticing me
  15. Lot of buddies posted in this one....how's it been spliffster?
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