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    How the hell did I miss ich in bmore....argh
  2. At least you posted my flicks first...I give you props for that
  3. That's the best Gafl I've seen
  4. Wife and little one's fine. Been busy at work...haven't been perusing the Zero for a bit since works tracking my moves... Brine, there's 32 pages I believe...not a huge book...not a lot of words...the flix are arranged to offset the eye. Each time you view a page you'll probably miss one of the photos, the focal points are constantly changing..but organized in a way that all my photo albums are arranged...
  5. It something I always wanted to do....not to make money, but to get my flicks printed. I've had them in magazines before, and they've been all over 12oz, Baltimore Archive and plenty of other sites...but not a feature of my work. It's nothing like having total expressive freedom. I'm stoked to see that people like my photos enough to purchase a small book of them. Thanks for the support. I appreciate everyone's positive comments. The book is dedicated to all the writers out there that risk their neck for the game. It's my way of giving back.
  6. Yes, if you chose the download option, you get a pdf that you can print.
  7. The toad style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon.....
  8. Ahcer Goose Ges Daver Enue Amer Kwest Rumor Glue Just a handfull of the 100+ of my best photos that can be found in The Travels of the Unlikely Bencher Hermdog Publications... If you're a fan of my posts...then you'll like the book. I don't narrarate much, I let my photos speak for themselves. Thanks to all who pushed me to do it.
  9. nah..no streaks in this one...but I guess you just figured what may be the focus of my next one.... Here's the cover of the book...strictly underground..
  10. and yea..I did self-publish...Hermdog Publications... It really wasnt' that hard. I'm thinking about doing other books sometime. I'm curious...has anyone else published or wrote a book in Channel Zero?.....
  11. Yep, I just published my first photography book. I never thought I'd get my photography in a book, let alone publish it in my name and copyright. Yea I'm tooting my own horn, but I thought I'd share my thoughts first with those that understand me..the channel zero. I get tired of buying those graff magazines that either jam pack photos into their pages, or post up their buddies and blatantly ignore the rest. Not saying I didn't stuff some of my friend's work into my book but I sifted through a thousand flicks and came up with a filtered 100+ of my photos that seemed to fit right on the pages. NO need to ban me or lock up this post. I'm not out to blast every page with my marketing material. I'm really not out for the loot, I just enjoy sharing my photos with other artists. If you're curious..here's the link The Travels of the Unlikely Bencher.
  12. I caught that Erupto & Curve on the East side
  13. Heist RIP ~ that guy Kerse ~ Guts
  14. Re: LORD SHABAZZ & MR MAJIC PRESENT 'THE SUPERFRIENDS LEGENDARY SUPERPOWERS SHOW' 800 Thanks for noticing a couple tanks...be on the look out for my book coming out soon.
  15. That's the unhappy face of Hitler waiting to make a comeback
  16. Looks like this Sunday was better than last
  17. Thanks for noticing bud..
  18. Metasin~Daver~Size21~Esay
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