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  1. I guess I offended some people. To understand my comments you've got to know a little oft history as a bencher. I had a website dedicated to unbias benching. But to be honest it was bias because I posted the photos that I took photos of. I treat 12oz like the bench of fame. I share the best of what I see. All I'm trying to do is motivate people to get out there and post quality flicks. You won't see me critiquing graf on here because I suck at it. I bench, and if you bench that I ask that you put energy and passion into it like I do. If I don't push you to be better, then who the fuck will?
  2. Use photo push...it's free
  3. If you need copies give me a shout....
  4. I believe that's it....shouts to all those that bench from outside their cars, you know who you are. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty. Raise that heart-rate up a little bit. : )
  5. So why is it that the hot spots have the best cars? I hope you appreciate these flicks..that's all I've got to say... One other comment, then I'll share my bench. People need to stop posting bullshit fr8s on the ounce. Yep, I'm biased...I'm only going to post the quality shit I see, if I see crap, I won't waste my time...you shouldn't either...I tell you I must be getting older... I'm done bitchin'...enjoy! I've got more....
  6. Thanks for noticing me man....stay up
  7. Hermdog


    Post more photos....
  8. Like this person says above....my sentiments exactly. Kristin told me about this, and I had to get on here to warn you. This shit doesn't work. My little brother went through it. Next they'll tell you that his teeth aren't straight, or some other crazy shit you never want to hear someone say about your children. Whatever money you get from the 12oz'ers should be saved for Machai's future (school). Give him that chance he deserves. He's a smart kid. If you put him in the right path, he will prosper and grow up to be a great person. We all know you love Machai, and you only want the best for him. Please don't fall for this crap. I hate to see this stuff happen to my friends. I can't tell you what to do. You are an adult, and you make your own decisions. Give him a hug for us....
  9. Looks like you found what you were looking for down south....those TSE's are the ones to catch down there..
  10. What a post....I need to see more SSW's around here
  11. Schnitzel, it was based on page by page layout. I had choices as to which page types I wanted based on the photo size. The features have probably changes since I set it up, but with a little patience it'll turn out nice. I suggest you order a first print, so you can find the errors you missed from the site.
  12. Thanks to all that got a copy...for those that haven't yet, what the hell you waiting for?
  13. Still doing my thing when I get the chance. The book turned out great. Thanks to all those that picked up a copy. I haven't been pushing it too hard...but I've been getting good feedback from those that have it. Balmer's still the dirty mine field its known for...a lot of younger guys have gotten much better too.
  14. Alright...I've been posting in 12oz for years...and have been less active lately. I noticed in my User CP, some one gave me a reputation. What's this all about? Is this some new thing? I guess I haven't been paying attention... You guys gonna send me a button I can put on my shirt saying I've got 12oz rep now? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  15. Thanks for the concern. I have a skin for the Touch....I took it off for the photo.
  16. I caught those three fullcars in three days...that's never happened in all my benching experiences....shouts to all my buds along the rails. I'll try to post more often...as I find more time...if you need copies of any of these..give me a shout. Be safe and ramble on...
  17. More gems for you in a min...
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