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Everything posted by Hermdog

  1. What's up Gafl....glad to see that one made it west.
  2. Thanks for noticing me slippin' Sucks to see Wade Frye get censored by his co-workers...
  3. Helping you out: 2nd "sigh" is expert the unknowns on the IBT are: Pez & 21rak the unknown on the KCS is Jets
  4. The image says it all. Only the Ravens can stop LT, and they'll do it again.
  5. Meero, you're a fool. To say you will go over Goner was a mistake. I don't even write, but I'll but a gang of streaks over your shit when I see it.
  6. Kolun~Ghouls~Reup~Worms~Faves~Freak~Ichabod to name a few...
  7. Reminds me of the good ol' days....great work...keep it up...protect those spots
  8. Would love to catch that BNSF around here....hit me up if you've got original shots of each
  9. Glad to see that Mber & Jbue is still rollin'
  10. There's a couple good ones in here...but also a bunch of crap
  11. What's up Thus & Evok...glad you found that spot
  12. Try posting this in the Brickslayers....
  13. To reduce sun glare, stick you hand above the lens...it works for me with str8 on shots
  14. thanks for noticing a brotha
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