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Everything posted by Hermdog

  1. Hermdog

    Lick Nuts

    Thanks for noticing me...
  2. Hermdog


    From my buddy Artistik
  3. Thanks for noticing my wet afternoon
  4. Thanks for catching the floater....Nice Daver
  5. Hermdog

    number 1

    thanks for noticing a brotha
  6. Glad to see some of these that were sandwiched...good work!
  7. Good work...makes me wanna get out there and climb some ladders...thanks!
  8. RIP man...it really sucks to see you're gone. You're fr8s will live on forever
  9. Sorry to hear about this...much respect.
  10. Great job...well worth the wait.
  11. Damn I recognize that spot.....you gotta do a little editing on your flicks...protect your spots the best you can:shakehead:
  12. They need an absolute nu tjob to play the roll. The Joker is insane..and they need someone diabolical. If Jim Carrey and Jack N. switched roles, it would have made more sense. Jim plays a great nut...while Jack could have masterminded some riddles
  13. Damn, you've got some nice spots. Don't be afraid to get out of the car and get a little closer...
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