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  1. Damn I miss that customer spot....fantastic post
  2. Bujah & Pore cross country collabo....ub style
  3. Hermdog

    12OZ BABY!!

    This little one has changed my life for the better.....
  4. Hermdog

    12OZ BABY!!

    Thank you for your kind words! We are very very proud. Both baby and mom are doing fine. We're home now; kicking back; trying to figure out how to raise a little one. I'll post photos soon..
  5. A Microscope was used by the OBGYN yesterday to discover that my wife's fluid was not the water (embriotic fluid) she thought she broke...rather it was a discharge build-up from loss of her mucus plug
  6. Hermdog


    Hmmmm...there is a distinctive difference between the tastes. If that flavor was included in a burger then I'd be in trouble... Either I'd have a heart attack for eating too much meat or my woman wouldn't be pleased since my demand would deplenish.... I would die if I was vegan...fuck that, I have meat in every meal but cereal
  7. Con needs to do more Simpsons characters... thanks for sharing
  8. ..Jesus is in jail.. so many born again Christians come out of jail. When he comes back, it'll be like Anakin...virgin giving birth. The kid gets ahold of holy water and Bam...Jesus cometh. No need to prove anything...he'll show you some miracles and Bam Bam...people flock to him with sick children and Bush will get the army to try and kill him....or at least hire someone else covertly to take him out....then God will wipe us all out
  9. Glue & Freak & Tacoe & Space & Sasquatch
  10. Hermdog

    Cycle TC5

    He's known to visit MD
  11. Everytime I see one, I think it says con....I'm sure he thanks you for keeping him up
  12. I must admit that the Breeders was a bad example...I threw them in there for lack of examples
  13. If there is another thread dedicated to this topic, please forgive me.... Don't you hate when you hear that great song and you just can't figure what the hell the title is or who the artist is....just to find out its a one hit wonder. King Missle - Detachable Penis is one that comes to mind to me. I'm sure you've come across some yourself...feel free to share below. Here's a couple more.. Fiona Apple - Criminal The Breeders - Cannonball
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