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Everything posted by Hermdog

  1. Hermdog


    That guy Thus is something else....
  2. Do you think we wouldn't notice you snagging flicks from a Baltimore graff site....thanks for the publicity
  3. How the hell do you convert an MPEG to MP4 format for the Ipod Video? I sure as hell don't want to pay for any software. What do you use?
  4. Hermdog


    Post up more BA/PA/KOS
  5. Glad to see the alphabet is almost done...took you over a year
  6. Already heard a few songs this past Nov. when he visited Bmore...good shit
  7. Hermdog


    Thanks...I thought that was just a myth..haha see what happens when you travel a little...you find cars like that
  8. Look at all those Simplots....I've only seen one in person
  9. Wow..cn using IC call letters on their boxcars....never saw that
  10. Where the hell you been fr8 hound?
  11. Great job...in my prime I began my bench at 7 AM... gotta love construction hours
  12. If you need copies of the Arek and Lyes before the stamp..hit me up
  13. Hermdog


    Thanks for noticing a brotha...
  14. Corkscrew: Why do they always buff these?
  15. Hermdog


    Stolen from metalheadz
  16. Hermdog


    Thanks for noticing....definatly among my first..
  17. Hermdog


    Borrowed from my buddy Artistik
  18. Thanks for noticing a brother....fantastic post by the way
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