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  1. Hermdog


    Bring back the burners in 06
  2. One of my top 10 favorite writers of all time....go ahead and right-click save this one...it's long gone.
  3. If I only benched when he was most active.....
  4. Hermdog


    Meca / Daver / Ketch / Ugly
  5. Great fr8s....if only the flicks were double in size..
  6. Hermdog


    Yawn...a few pages of bullshit...I'd rather see my old photos crop back up from the past than read about e-beef...
  7. "i hope you arent serious about this man. i mean, the kind of streaks most people are doing these days are on some "art fag" shit and not hobo monikers, or "monogers" if you knew some history. shoot, if you knew what the yegg brotherhood dating from the early 1900's you may not say such naive things. edit: you know exactly what i mean when i say some people who catch streaks have their little character. necks got his thing. some people like it. some dont. its easier to hate on shit just because, because some people dont have enough brain power to understand why they can appreciate something. most people on this board want to be in some sort of art community and like certain artists because thats whats supposed to be liked to be in. independent thinking is an obstacle for fools in here." Just my opinion. Not a fan of Neckface. Sure the man has ups... I'd prefer to see a stab on that fr8 any day. If he stayed off the panel, he probably wouldn't have been gone over. As far as my work goes..it can be considered artfag, and I don't mind that. I just reserve my space in areas that most avoid.
  8. Burners over artfags...stay off the panels
  9. Angry reminds me of the main character of Kids...running around fucking all the virigins of the city without a care in the world... keep doing your thing playa. Now that Soviet and Tre fr8 is off the ringer..I'd like some uncut digis of this post of yours..hit me up..you know I've got the goods
  10. Wow...VA writers..somehow I doubt it
  11. Now that there is a fantastic post. Instead of me right-clicking the entire post...send me a pM..possibly a trade can be negociated..
  12. I'll sell you some quality fr8 flicks....
  13. Hermdog


    NO tutorial available...study long and hard..nothing compares to bmore hands..
  14. Glue / Sigh / Worms / ITD Crew
  15. Thanks for the nice comments....the little one is keeping me busy. I was lucky to find time to drop this post. I'm still around...just been a little crazy lately. Symbols..check your pm
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