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  1. not that anyone cares but the intermodal demk doesnt have a "forcefield" around it because the motherfucker rolled out...
  2. nobody was scaling the wall in the rain...
  3. yeah the blurry ones are from the first dday or two i had the camera.. i was still figuring all the shit out..
  4. yeah.. and this shit was easy as hell , i definately wont hesitate next time... and ya like how the rusto cans almost exploded..
  5. well, there you have it.. love it or hate it do what u want.. theres probably doubles.. im sure i slipped my shit in there in a few places..i probably forgot a few flicks... owell life goes on.. in=m much more concerned with rockin shit than i am with benchin.. i hope to have more shit on here soon... peace.. oh and big props to poppy 183!!! yo fam, keep them calls comin, i lovbe hearin from u guys! .. one! haha!
  6. ok, ive been benching for a few years now, i have no scanner and ive never made a thread before..since i look at so much shit on here i thought id contribute what ive benched over the last month... when i get a scanner i will post my collection of the past few years until then .... enjoy...
  7. sone, slug, velcro, hymn 2.... friends of close friends... bump? or whatever you guys do...
  8. bitch look like she shit dust!
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