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  1. It was good shit...one of the best endings I've seen in awhile JA comes off nicely
  2. DMX used to be ill...and I'm sure he would beat down 95% of 12oz DMX for president
  3. JA came off in Lord Of War...good shit Big bump for YKKillers
  4. New Jersey threads aren't allowed...how many times are people gunna try
  5. Message I got from the looter on MySpace " YOUS A TOY....IL LOOT YOUR HOUSE AND TAKE YOUR PAINT AND HUFF IT SONNNY" :haha:
  6. Me, alcohol swab, and his lil brother were throwin snowballs at busses a few years ago, and I threw a chunk at the windshield that was so big the driver seriously took his hands off the wheel and threw them up like it was gunna break the glass and hit him in the face
  7. Haha, that was a good night. I've seen a group of kids make fun of a crackhead bitch til she started freakin out screamin, then one of the kids just slapped her...funny as hell. I've seen more then a few fights, and I've had my share of crackhead experiences like a nigga tellin me "Muthafuckas lookin at me like I'm a crackhead...nigga, I don't smoke crack, I EAT PUSSY! That shit get you hiiiiiiiiiiiigh"
  8. My hood's just basically a lot of gangstas, and then on the other side douchebag college kids (this is the kinda thing that happens when you live in a small city)...but my best friend's block is fuckin invested with crackheads, dealers, and hookers. The house next door has a bunch of tents in the backyard where people smoke rock, and more then a few times it's spilled over into his driveway
  9. Bump for AG and company...I came through the Loring/Fordham area for a week and I was crazy impressed with how much bombin I saw
  10. So yeah...I started a diet yesterday, and it's already hard as fuck. Yesterday I ate a fruit and yogurt parfait from McDonalds, and a salad with some grilled chicken. That was it....I almost cried. This morning I had a bowl of cereal (with no fuckin sugar), and a fruit and yogurt smoothie thing. You know what my usual breakfast is? McDonalds hotcakes and sausage, plus a sausage egg and cheese bagel...this is gunna be harder then I thought damnit On an unrelated note, I was reading The Washington Post yesterday and found out something interesting about the kid who hacked my AIM, MySpace, and E-Mail....him and his friends are the ones who hacked Paris Hilton's sidekick. It was talkin about how cops raided his crib and shit...I guess that means I shouldn't go there to beat his ass for a lil while. I will get him though...you don't fuck with a man's screen name Please everyone, continue to shoot the shit as they say
  11. I've wondered about this before too...I know a bunch of writer vegheads
  12. I used to think she was one of the hottest bitches alive...god what happened
  13. AlwaysBombin


    This is prolly my favorite pair of sneakers I've ever had
  14. An ex of mine used to do this....it would piss me off so bad, and I don't really know why. All I know is that this resulted in many fights, and many instances of me holding her leg still
  15. I pick my nose sometimes, but mainly my obsessive compulsive habit is chewing on things, such as my nails, plastic, etc etc
  16. I laugh at everything, tell people I love them, and make mad retarded phone calls (again, usually telling them I love them). I also have a tendency to say rediculous shit to my girl friends, like "One day I'm going to stick my penis in your vagina". I also went drunk bombing once on my vacation to the Bronx...I ended up bombin the elevator in my boys building on the way down, then proceeded to rock a street fill with some Chinese dude in his truck just starin at me, and finished it up by asking a homeless man permission to catch a tag on a random building...good times
  17. AlwaysBombin


    I rock these all the time
  18. AlwaysBombin


    Old navy jean shorts....hiyo
  19. The first one needs waaaaay more cowbell
  20. Can't let this idea die...you people needa step up and get this shit rollin
  21. Dope bombing...most of the interviews suck just cuz dudes seem to have no idea wht they're talkin about, just rambling
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