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  1. Aleister Crowley The Book of the Law - The New Eon(greek translation the new age) " How this new eon of Horus will develop,How will the child grow up, these are for us to determin growing up ourselves in the way of the law of Thelema under the enlightened guidance of our Master Therion." also in his book Magick located in the Liner Notes..."Crowleys Magick is a doctrine and tecnique for establishing contact with extra terrestial entities,spirits, demons ,The Whole of Crowleys doctorine is based on the Book of the Law in which the future of humanity the establishment on earth of a new world order is outlined." another thing I was just refering to albert pike because he is known as the godfather of the Scottish right of freemasonry which is more prominant in the usa and if you really wanna learn about what they believe better to read hard to find books they powerful have written rather than watching alex jones or some Jayz is a mason shit on youtube. The order of the Jesuits has been far from just a "Catholic Organization", they ordered jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt to found the actual order of the Illuminati in 1776 and it wasnt a secret at the time. also the order the jesuits and rosicrucians can largely be held accountable for the merging of orthodox christianity with the vatican and the control of organized religion , Ignatius Loyola founded the order in 1534 to held give political power back to the Pope as soveirn leader.the order was abolished in 1773 by pope Clement XIV thenthey founded the order of the Illuminatie a few years later. not trying to "slander anything not christian " either man all religion is and has always been used as a tool to divide and conquer just as the whole left right thing, No i Havent read all of Albert Pikes Morals and Dogma either really hard to actually get you hands on but he does say in it "Every masonic lodge is a temple of religion and in it are instructions in religion." page 213 that enough makes the political aspect of masonry unconstitutional as far as church and state.
  2. Yo Thanks for the "Mind Fuck" Chris Angel but Read Albert Pikes Book if you wanna understand Freemasonry is all I was saying, Read Crowley if you wanna know about some of his shit,I dont think the masons really run shit right now or even play a major roll right now but in history deffinatley , Yes im also aware of the Rev. 22 thing and the Pagan mixture into religion, Alot of which secret societies like The order of the Jesuits, and the Rosicrucians were a big part of.Illuminati is alot more than freemasons and pagan shit on the dollar bill, I wasnt saying the revolution in the 60s was a bad thing i was just badly quoting The Rule of Law By Crowley and what he said was gonna happen in the coming years.Aleister Crowley has had an obvious impact on music,pop culture in differant ways. Any way Lady Gaga and Jay Z can believe whatever they want and so should you i dont care, And fuck a right wing or a left wing , we are all slaves
  3. The occult runs shit in every aspect of popular culture, Politics, Economics,Religion. If you really start learning about occult symbolism you really see how this shit is everywhere. Its really to me the Illuminati, Read what Aliester Crowley wrote in his book The Rule of Law, in the 20's about how his Occult magik would create a musical/sexual/drug revolution in the USA and that would cause a breakdown in the family unit and eventually further his dream of a "new world order". Also alot of celebrities are on that kabballah shit now and if you study some of the ancient secret societies you will find the kabballah, like take the freemasons, read Alexander Pikes Book Morals and Dogmas where he says that every masonic temple is a place of worship for the ancient sun god lucifer, and that most masonic rituals and symbolism is based off the Kabballah. I recommend listening to William Coopers Mystery Babylon Series on Youtube, he reads alot of books put out by differant secret societies throughout history and is pretty much no opinion just shit out of these dudes own books also to see like an encyclopedia of Occult symbolism in every aspect of society check out the book codex magica
  4. FREE RENCE VSB that shit is crazy
  5. that big trede and big wick on the tropicana that timber tropicana is dope too
  6. behold a pale horse by william cooper (rip)
  7. yea feelin the wholecar shots RIP TUES
  8. the thing im not feeling is the mandatory purchase of health care, you can choose not to drive, and not have to pay for car insurance and get a drivers liscence, but this is the first thing that just for being alive you can get fined for not purchasing it, i also am not feeling the privacy aspect of it, the irs billing you and checking up on you for not having it? and all medical records and all that shit is getting put online and databased, bad for background checks or buying guns if you ever had any depression or anything like that you can bet that this wont help
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