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  1. Right,a quick apology for those who take offence. Anyone who has visited Russells,may have noticed that the black & white Hose dedicated peice was gone over by myself. Now if i had offended anyone,then im sorry..the peice had been trashed to fcuk with blue & orange paint leftovers,and without knowing what was new & not,it was in bad condition. I have had a few comments on what/why,but anyone who knows me will know im the last person to stir up a hornets nest. Next time i go there (thanks for the spot on directions KRS!;) ;) ) i hope it wont be a one man mission at 6.40am!
  2. Just ask a simple question,before every reply you post...think! Do you know everyone who regularly cruises this thread,and sends in baited replies? All those less than 30 posts people,who are here today,gone tomorrow.The enemy are a lot smarter than we all think.As dds man said...You(we) dont learn!
  3. Never seen that King Popz before...and congratulations on KRS for speaking proper English in a reply! :-D
  4. Its a lovely place Sorento,couldnt find a can of paint anyhwhere though! ;-)
  5. Die grappige grap isnt meer:p
  6. Runners on the Notts to Lincoln line...;-)
  7. The China Clays were in Bescot the other day.
  8. yes i know its not a train,but at least its a pic of the lesser spotted Ajax, tpg.
  9. Just one more pic...If you dont respect the 25Kv or 750 Dc,then it will rip you to peices.
  10. should have decapitated the stupid cunt.
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