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  1. work is a bit cockhide at the mo,with one thing and another...i WAS available next week,but that seems to have gone up in smoke now too. Will keep you informed on the visit front....and as for being up early,i never sleep & im currently gunning for the World Record of longest without sleep.
  2. Ive been a busy boy,locked away in a darkroom...filling a blackbook with a different style on every page.Reunion? Wouldnt miss it! Plenty of advance notice,and count me in. I will pack the Holts & CarPlans, rack the poundshop for those golden metallics,and make some fresh cheese & pickle sandwiches. A full compliment in the house,circa Newark 1991..:D
  3. one more thing...not Derby,but hey its a 1 man CKS day out from the Asylum
  4. The Originals...Creative Krooks..my favourite,Cerial Killers
  5. No excuse not to contact us & get your graf ass painting then!:)
  6. If Ital is making a comeback,and the old front sof the magazines have come into view...Limited Edishus issue 2 is due after X amount of years! Someone hustle Mobs into doing it!!!! ;-)
  7. saw it running on Liverpool train at Crewe
  8. Just as all the UK threads at the moment,a whole lot of straight up crap being talked,people with egos as big as their mouths.
  9. Curtis,nothing ever changes on these threads...its always Uk versus...The flicks tell the real story of the Uk at the mo,and seems to be a lack of them! Thats not to say nothing is getting done,but the constant rubbing of the chin,the swagger of "2 world wars,1 world cup...no surender" It all gets a bit embarassing really..
  10. Your alive!...by the way,lost my job.:(
  11. Nice walls dont get me wrong,but that particular wall does look pretty promising....is their enough time to do some take your time/funked up background production,or is it just a no no?
  12. well you know how to make it go uphill dont you?
  13. the last Nawt is/was all on its own at washwood yard the other day
  14. Their was a little extra done too by the South Team,;)..Still,cold day,lots of smoothrite original,Drax with his exotic brands from far off European lands....and i think it is VG4.
  15. Re: Wholecars part 2 More "Euro Trash" for the unapreciative!
  16. Seek & thou shall spot! ;) As for the Men of SE1..Sun Tzu The Art of War. Chapter VIII.In hemmed in situations,ypu must resort to strategem.In desperate situation,you must fight.
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