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  1. bump for a shit load of flicks...id love to pay this place a visit
  2. ges burns....is that truck legal?
  3. thats fuking sick!! :yuck: Quoted post [/b] absolutely fucking rediculous....and i love it
  4. mobb deep- murda muzik all jedi mind trick albums necro-prefixes of death tragedy khadafi- still reportin ill bill- whats wrong with bill those are all the cds ive listened to in the past 5 days once jus allah and army of the pharoes comes out...they will each get play for a straight month
  5. as far as you got aint winning!!!! hahahahaha
  6. JMT is off the fucking chains...peep one of there shows next time theyre in your hood....fucking gangster shit
  7. big reser and his homies with the GOA crew roller in the bean.... and warn doing his thang thang...props to both... good work to everyone else as well
  8. kem...did you recently have a vistor from europe?...if you did IM me...i met him at a show but could not understand what he wrote with the accent and music aim- ripplechin
  9. looks like the place to be if your a graffiti writer....i wanna go!!! ...wish rhode island had that shit
  10. like the horses.. -horse from rhode island
  11. a2m....vizies throw up is FIYAH!!! gomer.... some other local shit...good stuff
  12. now i dont know where this dude lives...but im sure someone on here is from around his way...post the walls and bombing
  13. fuck a regular squid...they need some video of giant squid...those shits are the balls
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