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  1. ted bundy


    http://i40.tinypic.com/rkr91d.jpg super hip hop style warz street status ya fimme
  2. haha those look like model trains ... that shit is bugging me out i still cant see them as real freight is that a big building behind them or some shit?
  3. haha he called him a hater ..haha jobe sucks
  4. dash is like.... the affrocentric asian
  5. i like how this kid ahhsin calls people fools like hes that cool or some shit. herb
  6. they all suck except for the mode 2
  7. the second flick is quality photography
  8. what the hell is ivo akm killaz ???? that shits kinda funny
  9. http://www.portalmix.com/englishimages/funnypicture011.jpg'>
  10. lets call this the definition of toy thread damn those gave me a headache
  11. mad ill philly and new york shit im lucky to be seeing this in massachusetts at 1:00 in the morning ..... good looking out
  12. haha that dude touched by a priest sucks....... so anonymous
  13. allright now this thread is history you fuking weirdo hahhaa
  14. funny thing is the more views this thread gets the more i laugh and yeah i got kind bud yall probably dont thats why you all bitchy and moany , either that or you wanna see my boy use kws pieces that i can understand ....um check rhode island the nxt chapter there mad shit there im deleting this all in like 5 minutes anyway tho be forewarned do not look at the link that fag bojangles put up thats his steez and you wont like it it says som truly gay shit
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