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  1. er..accually why arent we...allowed to post porn? Is it just cause of the 1000 billion 14yr old kids we got in here...any answers...?? Oh yeah, and what do you find objectional? I mean we can say fuck piss motherfucking cunt licker, but why not porn, sorry i was just wondering..??
  2. word, i am too..play the aim game...drink for each instant message..
  3. Aight i gotta good one...freshman year of college, me my boy royce, and acouple other peeps go to the bar...royce is on the football team, hence, no id, no problem, so were taking shots at the bar, and were all gettin really really really tore up, all of a sudden royces boys come in and start buying him drinks, so we got acouple more, enough to be nicely fucked up and we go to the dance floor with some girls, well we dont see royce until we get back from the bars at three, and the football guys are carying his ass in the door and just lays him on his stomach on the floor, hes totally blacked out....we go back into the room, and keep drinking...later we come out for a cigarette, and the whole hallway reaks like shit, it smelled soo fucking bad...aparently in the time we were in our room, royce was blacked out, puked, and then proceeded to shit all over his room, well his roomate woke up and saw him just squatting in the middle of his room with his pants on, and he just cheered him on thinkin it was a joke, then he smelt shit, royce drops his pants and wipes his ass on the futon and then falls into his roomates tv...well his roomate got outta bed punched him in the face about five times until he passed out and then left...we thought something wierd was up when we smelt the shit, but we went to bed, the next morning, royces room was open and he was still on the ground with this bowling ball size turd next to him and shit all over the futon....it was hilarious...anyways he dropped out after that because everyone on the football team found out and called him shatty...but anways, i saw him just the other day on campus and i said hi, and we talked for a bit....he told me how he got really drunk the other night and blacked out...i laughed, he smiled and said, hey, at least i didnt shit my pants this time...
  4. http://yourphotos.com/users/6253/rymefr8-02.JPG'>
  5. hey hey, i thought jesus forgived everyone? oh, and get a rusty knife and stab the fucker i the head acouple of times so that way he knows you mean business...dont let no one take your girl.
  6. when i read the name of this thread, i thought you were gonna talk shit on em..boy was i ready to rip you a new asshole..but now that i see your giving these delicious treats a good name, i couldnt love you more...keep it up boys..
  7. yo, you up near oh? Thats where i saw him last night.
  8. 1. between your girls legs... 2. between your girls legs... 3. your girls legs... 4. whats between your girls legs... ok, im done..
  9. hey dipshit, you dont put that shit on that deep of wounds, bubles can get in your blood stream and shit...stops your heart like bam! go to the doctors dumb ass..we dont need another one lost.
  10. i just saw this kid with bullfrog..yeah, shit was off the hoook, it was nuts..i just couldnt stop bobbing my head, it was like a virus or something...totally nuts..you should check em out..for shore.. www.ropeadope.com
  11. i just spotted a nace also, kinda neato after reading the post in the bench on him...also a linus..? He had some pretty dope ass letters, wondering if anyone seen him up..
  12. post a flick so ya dont get the post closed and everyone can see it...werd..
  13. um, last i heard sopes been gone almost a good half year? My boy mentioned something to me about it way back...maybe it was just a rumor or something, but i could have sworn its been awhile since he passed. And no disrespect, but as i remember it had to do with him fallin or a building situation...but that all may be sum crap who knows, it doesnt really matter, the point is, i dont think anyone banged as hard as that kid did...R.I.P. SOPE!....R.I.P Meyer..yall not forgotten..much respect.
  14. couple years ago i was with my pops during spring break, and we were drivin on a military base and he got a 100 dolla ticket for going 2 over..no lie...my dad was pissed to hell to say the least, if it was me i prolly would have spent the time in jail or whatever for beating the fuck out of the officer whos that retarded...
  15. He used to tour with sublime, i have a video..stories tales lies and exhagerations...i guess he made the tour bus just pull over one day and he just blew ass all over the highway, in one of the oncomming lanes and the people were stuck there horrified by him in the road shitting all over the place...not to mention, watch out for his fucked up forehead, sometimes he headbuts enough that he bleeds..
  16. OOOPs..i deleted the pic of the fridge from the site...anyways, sorry, but what we do is fill a little tub all the way up with the bears and and then pour in vodka even with the top of the gummies, put em in the freezer..a day or so later, they will have soaked most of it up, or all that they can, then just pour out the rest of the vodka, take the shot. Then throw the gummies back in the freezer until guests come, they should be soft by then, and it gets the chicks that eat em fucked up..we use almost a half bottle each time..so like 5 is like a shot...and there you are...panties come down..its allll good...peace.
  17. what, with great hits like suck a carribues ass, cut the mullet, and many others? HES THE BEST...oh and by the way, i saw him live too, and prepare to be headbutted..!
  18. ok here are some of mine from a trip through ohio...i know theyre not the great, oh and one from dc. http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/trip_0022.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/trip_0013.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/trip_0006.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/trip_0005.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/maddykris_0007.jpg'> http://www.yourphotos.com/users/5962/triptodc_0018.jpg'> sorry so many fuzzy and so big...peace...
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