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    I'll start off by saying I never went to college for much more than a semester. It was a community college course to get a certification I never completed. I managed to get into an entry level position doing Linux Administration due to being tired of working at "normal jobs". My school was nerding out on computers as a hobby and I have my dad to thank for that because he got me into computers at an early age. I mostly used them to play cheesy video games like Gravis Keen, Sim Ant, Sim City, Doom, Heretic, Hexen, etc. I just got lucky because tinkering eventually turned into a job for me that I didn't owe any school debt on. I skipped a lot in high school to hang out with friends and "chief blunts" so I never got a scholarship. It was a waste of time because I don't hang out with most of them anymore, in fact none of them. There's no way to know those things when you're a kid though. Most of them are still doing the same things they were doing in highschool today, 17 years later. That makes me 34 years old for those that are keeping count. I don't care because I'm not an outlaw trying to hide from the police anymore so they can read whatever they want about me on here. In any case, I jumped ship from multiple jobs over the years concerning computers and eventually ended up working in downtown Austin, TX. It's "corporate" you could say but we have no dress code so it's the typical bearded people wearing shorts with flip flops and ironic t-shirts that are paid for their programming merit rather than being paid to do some sort of "monkey" type labor. I call it sewing soccer balls when you get turned nto someone that just does trouble tickets in our industry. Once things feel like sewing soccer balls it's time to jump ship. :) My current job involves working as an engineer for systems "in the cloud" for medical companies. The medical industry has what's called PHI, or protected health information. The red tape around how this info can be used/transmitted is quite a bit. The systems have to conform to HIPAA compliance to be allowed to store and transmit PHI. In any case, this is what doctors require to host their internal applications they use to work on people in their clinics, offices, and hospitals. I make sure that their systems work and help them through problems when they cannot figure things out, and they rarely can. I like to tell people I work with that we fix computers, they fix people.... we cannot expect them to know how to do things like change their password. This job has exposed me to doing more Windows administration than I've done in years but it's not hard and there are still a good share of linux related issues that I get to work on. Anyway, back on topic; my girlfriend is paying off school debt that she's had since she went to school. When she tells me how much is left to pay I'm quite amazed. It's a stark contrast to what I did to get where I am. She's considering going back to school but I've told her we're not doing it on loans this time, we'll just pay for it outright so there isn't this weight to carry around afterwards.
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    Full half ply cunt, so fuckin what Eh? Talkin shit cunt? Straya day cunt, eh?! [kinged]. Schooey
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