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  1. DyS$kysE

    The prayer group

    because 12oz is the fuckin shit
  2. another thing is I will be calling all 12ozprophet members juggalos ima start a branch called 12ozprophet juggalos


  3. DyS$kysE

    Abandoned buildings and places.

    dam that's some dope stuff there man
  4. The 12oz carnival.It is a travelling circus inhabited by 12ozprophets.It is a representation of the ghetto and hustling through graffiti to make it out.IDK its on some insane clown posse shit Im not sure how they do it but I have been to the dark carnival of dreams once and it all made sense every artwork and what it represented was in the dream.but anyways 12oz carnival it is now a thing.


  5. DyS$kysE

    Stickers For Trade

    ive never done it b4 but been trying to
  6. DyS$kysE

    Stickers For Trade

    Frillik i will trade you
  7. DyS$kysE


    i mean insane clown posse 4 life
  8. DyS$kysE


    just got my hatchetman chain in the mail yesterday and im waiting on some hatchetman earrings now insna elcown posse 4 life
  9. DyS$kysE


    lol the cat though
  10. DyS$kysE

    The Hip Hop Thread

    a bunch of differrent beats to hip hop songs murdered by violent j
  11. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    is that a door?
  12. DyS$kysE


    I got their video downloaded on my computer ima porbably pt it on dvd if they made a dvd i would probably buy iti used to have tko's war4 dvd it was lit there was naked girls in it
  13. DyS$kysE

    The Hip Hop Thread

  14. DyS$kysE

    The Hip Hop Thread

  15. DyS$kysE

    The Hip Hop Thread