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  1. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    so how does this vip thing work? how cum i am in vip right now and does it last forever i saw some pretty good sketched in the dirty dozens crew sketch forum
  2. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

  3. DyS$kysE

    Toys post here...

    the first one i was just trying a new style the second one is just how i draw and the third one i like very much
  4. Cool that you’re posting status updates... now you just got to update your profile and cover photo... https://forum.12ozprophet.com/topic/86550-new-forum-features-worth-checking-out-tips-and-tricks/?do=findComment&comment=6294386

  5. I love graff. I hate people that bash on people that are trying to get their styles up. I believe that you can be a toy the whole time you ever even do graff as long as you love that sh*t

  6. DyS$kysE

    Rest In Power... CRUDE OIL..

    this dude must've gotten up a whole lot this is a pretty big thread
  7. DyS$kysE

    The Street Sticker Thread

    that's a dope sticker replicant
  8. DyS$kysE

    best of blackbook outlines!

    that's fresh brink
  9. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    says aero ima go to this one spot by my house and paint this character on it.ima have plenty time i have very little experience actually painting i have a pic on facebook somewhere im gonna post that somewhere on here it says ghst me and my little bro painted it but heres a sharpie sketch with a character thats somewhat liekable
  10. DyS$kysE

    The Hip Hop Thread

  11. DyS$kysE

    · • H A R D C O R E music T H R E A D • ·

    who is buddha capital g
  12. DyS$kysE

    Your Art Thread

    lorne you are very talented man those are some nice ass charcters heres some art not mine but someones i aint know where to post it
  13. DyS$kysE

    Burners and Style!