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  1. DyS$kysE

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Waiting on a dboy
  2. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    Am I getting any better?
  3. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    Here's my thing I think of when I see 12oz
  4. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    Sakewonda that's dope at here's some of my artwork
  5. DyS$kysE

    Toys post here...

    yeah preciate it mrraven i found my password
  6. DyS$kysE

    Toys post here...

    that's really nice outlines
  7. DyS$kysE


    there's a lot of fresh stuff in here ive never painted a train i have only painted walls and trash cans and a eighteen wheeler
  8. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    ODESK one
  9. DyS$kysE


    i feel you on that i wish my ex girlfriends would harass me the dudes that dont want it get it and vice versa BS!!!
  10. DyS$kysE

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Just woke up from a dream where i was in an alternate universe fixing all the little problems with the world and my friends girlfriend coming on to me and he turned into a cave man and then some more stuff i cant rememeber
  11. DyS$kysE

    the NEW sketch thread

    dope stuff eba heres some of mine hope it is enjoyable
  12. DyS$kysE


  13. DyS$kysE


    dude myspace is basically windows media player now and you cant even play all the songs ... then today when i logged on i couldnt get to any music at all this some straight up buushit
  14. I need some DVDs cus I don't have cable and don' like reg TV so if anyone has a Graff DVD collection pm me
  15. DyS$kysE

    who are you writing for....

    I rep 12ozprophets me n my guys all got matching shirts and some Graff supplies we tag our names and 12oz around Mississippi but still though fucj the rebel flag