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  1. There are pleeeeeeeenty of shallow bitches in this world he could have gotten, the problem is this lil nigglet had 0 game. Too busy being a whiney lil pussy making sunset videos instead of focusing on beating cheeks. He might not have found genuine love but at least he would have gotten some butt. With all that money, travel around the world, see shit, lots of foreign bitches love Americans with money. I see rich nerdy gringos wifeing up bitches everyday. his game plan was like 50 throwing the first pitch at a Mets game.
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  2. spirituality and religion are two completely different things. just because it says GOD in the twelve steps doesnt mean it cant be a god of your understanding. hope you choose whats best for you, im t ired of getting dopesick and shitting my pants. lil over 8 months clean and serene. keep your heads up players theres light at the end of the tunnel
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  3. i wondered the same thing. when i moved in here they had a few in there because it was winter and cold as fuck so they let them hang out in a box with a heater while they grew up a little and it got warmer outside. this time i dont know. they were small but could have been outside the whole time. these were hyper shit beasts. they figured out how to get out of the box and went fucking wild in there. i didnt even go in there for at least a week. im not a clean freak by any means but that was straight up disgusting. im already starting to wonder if the super cheap rent is worth it haha.
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  4. on his behalf? he's a whiny scumbag rich kid. fuck his rant. glad he's dead and sorry he took people with him because he felt so damn sorry for himself. as a woman who's rejected enough men to have seen some of them turn really ugly, this kinda stuff is just sickening to me
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  5. osso bucco rack w/ pasta beef roast Winter food.
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