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Healthcare and the Pharma-phucks.

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Aside from the name of my next punk band project, and the click-baity styled title, I didn't quite know where else to put this where you all would see it, besides start a thread here. 

Listened to, what i thought was, a really good podcast last night. Probably going to listen to it again today. They talk about the shadiness of some healthcare practices and pricing, among some other things. Some talk about trust issues and unnecessary treatments for @Dirty_habiTand some Free Market talk for @Mercer


Everything that does a body good and a 12oz thread needs.


A couple things they mentioned i made a point to remember: 


- They surveyed 2100 doctors and asked the doctors estimations and found that these doctors said:  


21% of care is unnecessary

25% of diagnostic testing is unnecessary

22% of meds are unnecessary 

11% of medical procedures are unnecessary


I’m not sure if they factored in what the percentage of these stats were tests pushed by patients, or doctors, which i imagine is a factor to some degree in terms of patients asking to be tested when they may not need it. I’m assuming the latter. 

-They found 7% to 8% of doctors push patients into procedures they may not need, or science doesn’t support. (15% of doctors depending on the region.) 

- The safer a procedure is, the more often it it’s used and abused.


- “Nudge Terms” are used to convince a patient to get an unnecessary procedure. One example they used would be: telling a pregnant woman it is safer to have a C-Section to push for the procedure. 

- One of these men, and a group he is a part of, represents patients in courtrooms in cases where hospitals are attempting to garnish wages. They found that in this particular hospital/region, the total sum of wages the hospital had sued the public for  

was less than half of the CEO’s pay. They have won 100% of the cases they assisted in. 

- Many states have “Certificate of Need” laws. Meaning that the local hospitals and facilities have the say on whether or not a new facility (new competition) is necessary in the area. 

Here is the podcast: 



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Man, bravo.... I feel like you might have substantiated my anecdotal evidence for not wanting to use the medical systems we have in place.  Seems like there are certain doctors that "get it" too.


I've said for a long time I want a doctor that cares about me as a person and doesn't care about getting a sweet ass paycheck for the work he's doing.  I'm fine with them being paid well, as they should be, but I wish there were a way to douche out the medical "professionals" that are ONLY there for the paycheck.  I feel like you have a moral obligation to give a fuck when you work in a job like that.  Kinda like being a cop.... you can't just be there so you can go power tripping on people.... that doesn't make a good cop.  A doctor that doesn't care about the patient as a person doesn't make a good doctor IMO.


Thank you for sharing this, I'm going to give it a listen sometime soon when I get some time to do it and I will let you know what I think when I do.


I'm notoriously bad at listening to "talk radio" type shows though.  I need the visual experience to truly be engaged, but I will give it a good stab for you @abrasivesaint.

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The vast majority of doctors are good people and want to help, there’s just a few bad seeds with financial incentives due to greed or systematic pressures. I cant speak for all of the medical departments but i can could speak on what i’ve seen in surgical departments across the country. 

Much of it is systematic and piss poor management of funds to pursue “growth” that usually results in internal collapse and being swallowed by a larger “health organization” which is basically just a medical cartel and that’s when prices can start getting really crazy. 

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