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* NFL 2013-2014 Official thread (Year of the Ravens) *


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lol of course it was


we're gunna get fuckin raped, and i really hope the games not on primetime






The NFL and NBC flexed the game to Sunday night. 2 weeks in a row for the Birds. It's prime time baby! I honestly was not expecting total domination against the Bears. I hope the Eagles play with same intensity this Sunday. In Chip we trust!

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hopefully with that CLUTCH performance by ROMO it'll give him confidence in future situations..


with that being said.. our defense still sucks come correct or don't come at all. I rather not see them making playoffs instead of making it & getting knocked out in the first round cause the shit talking will be a lot worse. only way I see them making people shut the fuck up is if they make it passed the first round but i highly doubt that..


It's funny how most fans all they see is Romo doing what Romo does usually in those situations.. but they tend to forget about out how we ran through what was it 18 defensive players? + clutz whatever the fuck his name fumbling the ball & that moron that lead the skins to that FG. all they seen was Romo throwing that int.


I'd still keep Romo as my QB in November then trade his ass in December for Philip Rivers.

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Cards have been doing pretty good this season especially their Def

If they were in a diff division they would be in the playoffs I bet


10-5 record I think

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That game was embarrassing to say the least, It's sad how the once mighty has fallen, They traded defense for offense but not they need to draft defensively this draft,



I hope Baltimore goes all the way this year, I really like Flacco to have a great year

Also this lel. This was in response to Cunt Eastwood in the OG Pickem thread lol. Fuck the Ravens hahaha

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GOD DAMNIT, Romo out for the year, there goes any chance we had to put up points.


dudes a tough mother fucker, played the rest of the game with a busted back





That sucks man. I wanted them to play Dallas with Romo starting. The victory would've been sweeter if the Birds won. It's still not a guaranteed W for us, Matt Cassell put up 48 on us. Orton is just as good. It'll come down to which defense sucks less and Dallas has one of the worst defenses in history :D

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