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Uzzi 9mm

@@@ Nawww man thats as bad as...

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The compliment the person above you thread is getting stale.


Need to attack a different orifice for text based entertainment banter.


New game - Thats as bad as "something more fucked up than the previous post"


I'll start:


Nawww. Thats as bad as sculling 3 beers pre fornication in the hope that you can bust a piss in that chicks pussy post nut bust under the disguise of pillow talk.


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i am of the humble opinion that that first shit should result in an immediate ban.


that being said, i took a piss beside my backhoe yesterday at work.

you know the drill, work construction, never a convenient place to piss.

as soon as im done, i hop back into the shit and fire it up.


im startled to hear the sound of a rapidly beeping horn.

lo and behold, its my asshole foreman in the work truck.


after giving me a verbal assfucking, nh, about not checking my machine at the beginning of the day for leaks, he proceeds to bend down at my puddle of frothy piss, and sticks a finger into it.

he then lifts a finger to his nose, presumably to smell if its diesel, or hydraulic, or whatever.


"ahhh, its just water, get back to fucking work," he snarls.


nigga you just sniffed my piss on some bear grylls typa steeze.

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thats almost as bad as this thread already is. but thats almost as bad as being 8 and going to swim at the kids house you didn't really like but were forced to hang out with bc your parents were friends. he had a pool so it was okay but one day he peed on the big round float and i dove face first into it on some bear grylls fantasy dream shit. he got grounded.

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nah, thats almost as bad as you starting a thread and coming out with all tic tacs like turtz did

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