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Bloglovin'. For all the bloggers and lurkers

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Anyone using this shit? I ditched Tumblr after a bit because it was so flooded with 14 year olds and barely anything worth looking at. Found this site where you can follow any blog you like in your feed on there.

It's pretty handy if you're like me and have 500 bookmarks, you just enter the URL and you'll get the feed every time there's a new post, and you can find other similar stuff on there.


Kinda like having a Tumblr and following people but, less shit. And you can do it with any blog. Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Live Journal, etc..

I guess this thread can be like, post your blogs, or favourite pages to lurk. I think I'm already following a few peoples blogs on here via my account.



Try it out, just another way to waste time online. While feeling more 'professional' I guess.



And here's my blog you can follow and shit. Post yours, share moar.

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Yeah, I'm working on getting my head into SEO more and finding ways to get more exposure via sites like this.

I'll check out your blog some more, good thing is with Bloglovin' I now don't have to sign up to Tumblr just to follow a few sites.

Colabs with a mate on some small projects -


http://itsadailyoperation.blogspot.com/ (Needs mad work)



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Oh sweet, much better then the Tumblr. Haha. I'll follow the Blogspot.

Yeah the Raptr pastes are cool hey, he puts in mad work. Getting a zine together soon with him.

DO is 50/50, there's a few in there that are digital with a lot of noise, but a few are film shots too. I put in the tags/notes if they're 35mm.

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Your dashboard will only shows posts by blogs you follow.

If you're seeing stuff you don't like, maybe tumblr isn't the one fucking up.

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