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  1. 'bout time I gots me a decent leather jacket... shipping as I type :) from: http://www.allsaints.com/women/leathers/allsaints-belvedere-leather-jacket/?colour=5&category=25 I love this store and want to design for them when (if) I move to the UK. Had a few pairs of leather pants made in Bali a couple of weeks ago - while looking for a supplier - nothing amazing, though... might have to go back and do some more research....
  2. had this on repeat when it first came out... this girl is amazing and it's a song about champagne (a metaphor, i'm sure? but whatever) its great... and still on rotation... newest release is everything to me right now........ there's a bit of Nat from Bat For Lashes in her schtick but i'm not mad about it....
  3. DEar Mac Daddy, Thanks for making me jump (jump!) and for giving me the courage to wear my baggy pants backwards when I was 12. See you when I get there. B
  4. Here's class A douche, Michael Bay doing a superb job of making some of the most breathtakingly beautiful women in the world look cheap and desperate! Fuck that guy. http://hypebeast.com/2013/4/victorias-secret-very-sexy-2013-campaign-directed-by-michael-bay
  5. A slice of toasted rye sourdough with vegemite, avocado and tomato.. I have a serious sweet mustard pickle craving.... Thinking about how I can work that into my day right now.
  6. That episode was sick....! *all* of them should be that good or better. PFNSBFE (People For No Shitty Boring Filler Episodes) Vale, Merle.. I thought you were alright.... and you went down fighting the good fight.
  7. The possums that live in the bushes outside my house sound like walkers when they fight / mate... So that's something. Burnt walkers are sick and seriously Rick you fucking tool of ALL of the times you don't go wandering into the bush to investigate something you think you saw. Dumb shit. Die, Andrea, die. I don't feel bad for her. She ditched her mate for that loser. Sucked in!!! If next season fills story lines with slow eps just to build up to one event I will hate-watch.
  8. Listening to this today and you toobed the clip > ridiculous. I had no idea
  9. Andrea is the worst and has a dumb look on her face all of the time and just no. I hope she doesn't save the day by killing the guv'na. Or maybe yes but also dies..... I wasn't a massive fan of the ep before this week's.. 43 mins *just* to re-introduce Morgan and cement Michonne's place in the group? Weak dialogue... Kind of boring. Seeing Morgan again was good, though. His return should be entertaining.
  10. Wow.... That's blatant theft. I wouldn't say the entire art world is based on biting because that's a huge sweeping statement and just isn't true at all. Then there's all the different variables involved when it comes to interpretation and whatever…. Shit's vast. But when something is clearly a rip off and the thief makes money from it, it's unjust. Also - Jeremy Scott is a talentless hack who should be skinned for a lampshade. I haven't seen the reference to the old skateboard artwork... In fashion it used to be quite hard to sue for copyright infringement but it's becoming more common mainly due to the counterfeit market.... Anyway, those prints are straight up theft. Should be an open and shut case. I'd take him to court. He did a collection last year that had Bart Simpsons' image all over it. A "collaboration". Imagine if he'd used that without permission?! Edit: This is the 2nd link when you google Jeremy Scott's name: http://www.spin.com/blogs/jeremy-scott-rip-off-santa-cruz-skateboard-artist-jimbo-phillips
  11. So great that cooking meth made Malcolm's dad super famous.. (kidding - Cranston is a genius... they just cut to him at the oscars for no reason at all... ((EDIT: I had no idea he was in Argo...))) When is Breaking Bad back on? A guy at my work has this
  12. I'd been meaning to watch this movie since I first heard of it ('09… slow much?) because Tom Ford directed it and he is my God. Finally watched last night…… I remember it copping a bit of shit when released. No idea why, though. It's a sensory overload. So beautiful to look at I get chills just thinking about every perfect detail... Very Tom Ford. It's about gay love so you'll all dig it. Based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood.
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