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Fuck!I'm so bummed....So I saw a flyer the other day for a Red Fang/Kylesa/Baroness show thats supposed to go down on Saturday.Im thinkin-"fuckin A,three bands I love and its even on a weekend so I can stay out and not have to worry about a crazy hangover at work".Anyway so I'm thinkin its weird I didnt hear shit about it or see it in the paper so I look up the info.I cant really find anything and the venue says it is a private party..I remembered it was sponsored by Stumptown Coffee in Portland so I call them and ask about it,and the girl tells me its only for employees of the coffee shop and one date...according to her theres no way around this.So I did the only logical thing and asked the girl out:p .I guess she has a boyfrien.Whatever.I even turned on the charm. Fuckin bummer.its the only show theyre playing here:( I dont give a fuck,I'm gettin in to that show one way or another:mad:

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Point taken. But at least you agree. You know it was just one dude there, the boss or someone important who's birthday it was or something and had some pull with the bands and/or their booking agents.


Still would be an awkward experience/environment.

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Its actually a tenth anniversary thing for the stumptown coffee shops in Portland Oregon..Personally,I'm not even close to a possessive giant fan of them,I have just been listening to Baroness alot and I know it would be a badass show from all three..and will be because I will be there.I've snuck in and bullshitted my way into way crazier shit than this:p

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noothgrush is cool, they have their moments but for the most part i played them out when i was 17 so i get sick of 'em pretty quick now.


As for Baroness, everything i've heard them do besides the blue album has been good. their first LP is the best. the split they did with Unpersons is great too. but they will definitely just get poppier/shittier with each album. i could see it taking that turn with the red album, now the blue is just over the top homo ish.

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