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"Nautical themed doom from Germany. Dark atmosphere, oozing riffs and monstrous vocals."








"Stoned out doom from Adelaide, South Australia. Razor sharp vocals with heavy as fuck stoner riffs in the likes of Eyehategod, Bongzilla, Weedeater,.."




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some goods. Not sure what has or hasn't been posted, only 8 pages in


black cobra


black tusk




nights like these




cult of luna

celtic frost (very last album, 1999)

meshugga sometimes

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not too heavy, but it fits into the stoner rock category. put on a great show


the shit.


saw these dudes, nobody showed up because it wasnt promoted one bit (the extent of the promotion was a chalk sign out front of the gig day of) dont know if they are still like they were (its been about a year)


dont know if any of those have been posted, just found this thread...

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My friend's band out of Oakland, CA


a review from chroniclesofchaos.com


Possessed of a lumbering, glacial malevolence, Laudanum hail from the unlikely clime of sunny Oakland, California, a simmering doom-sludge quartet slowly (would they have it any other way?) making a name for themselves with _The Coronation_ -- their second full-length following a split with Stormcrow (USA) in April and a debut album back in 2004. The band favor mounting atmospheric dread, building to a rolling boil then exploding into a hate filled monument to suppressed rage. The greater proportion of _The Coronation_ consists of these ambient, textural pieces, and as such may not make much of an initial impression on the neophyte listener. Stick with it... the textural interstices are less aimless and more fully developed than those of many of their peers. "Autumn Ghosts" perpetually threatens to boil over but finishes with restraint; whereas album closer "Apotheosis" spends 8 out of 11 minutes on plinking electronics before finally finishing with a colossal riff-fest. That Laudanum can at times be guilty of taking too long to get to the point is a valid criticism, but the pieces are in place for the band's rapid ascent in the sludge / doom realm.


i tried uploading the album for you guys but my internet is being difficult and not upping to any of the rapidshare/mediafire type sites.

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How was NO ONE mentioned Fu Manchu ( maybe I missed it ) !!!!!!!!!




I dig the older shit. In search of is a good album for anyone trying it out....



http://hookfiles.blogspot.com/2008/03/fu-manchu-discografia-pt-1.html - Discography




^^^ That ASG Torche tour rolled through here. Seen Torche twice and they're still up there on top show i've seen.

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God damn this is a thread I like reading through from the beginning, again. Reminds me of talkin for forever and a day to randoms I see siftin through records I like. Start talkin and their passion for the shit comes through.


"Oh shit, I'd forgotten bout them" "Nice nice, but what about...!"


Love that shit. Anyway, let me reiterate with posting up some of my favorites I can think of at the moment.


Sons Of Otis









Thanks again to person for showin me Grails and Yawning Man

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