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Everything posted by degrading

  1. achey, sore and dont feel like doing ANYTHING tonight..
  2. staying in, falling asleep with a joint in my hand..
  3. prolly going to spliff, i've got time to waste.
  4. toast and cinnamon suger, coffee. WERK!
  5. starting my day, these two songs..... FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!! (P.1) (P.2) /not rap
  6. 6 flags/ cedar point instead of work.. oh well :(
  7. love/hate..... i like the COLT ones more though..
  8. it's alright, no breaking bad thats for sure.
  9. stoned, laying in bed watching tv... straight up relaxing.
  10. true.. i only really eat boneless meat /nh... tpbm smokes a pack of ciggs a day
  11. this page............ dope!
  12. slept all day... cocaine hangover depression.
  13. watching storage wars/ smokin a bowl....
  14. smoking a bowl, relaxing w/ the windows open.
  15. drinking a coke zero wondering why its not a beer.. smoking a bowl wondering why no one wants to party tonight.. ITS FAAACKIN FRIDAY BRAH.
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