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  1. i don't recognize your internet cred unless you have at least 1000 posts.
  2. 12oz in general used to be way more active. hadn't logged on in 3 years and i get back on and theres maybe 3 posts a day...on the whole site.
  3. someone get that gross bitch off the page. 2 at best.
  4. A. the last one you posted is the only one related to this thread. B. fashion trend garbage? I would say that 100% of drugs, dp, most of vts. and whatever other crews like this do not care about putting fashion trends into their letters. stoled so i didn't waste anyones time with this.
  5. wheres all the causr. his shit is nice.
  6. whoa, those are some winners
  7. you dont have to be from the hood to have hood tattooes.....:rolleyes:
  8. MAYBE S, DEFF TT those 954 hoes. fuckin knee band-aid hahaha
  9. lots of money and still getting hood tattoos.
  10. for being a veteran jerrybrudos sure doesn't understand the concept of this thread. Almost negged.
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