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Some handmade-guitars. Warrior is a company out of Georgia, they make guitars that play and sound real good. Some of the designs are a little nuts, but if you see them up close they're impressive. The people who run the company are religious, so that's why there's a focus on Christianity in some of the guitars. The guitars have a large following in the gospel community, from what I hear. They're good people.












And their more normal-looking guitars:











They make handmade guitars and they are EXPENSIVE! But they are also unbeleviable.

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Anywhere from several thousand to apparently $100,000. The guitar 1AM guitar in the second post, which is fucking awesome, is $15,000.


The Christ guitar says it's appraised at $100,000, while the Eagle and Lion are $40,000 and $20,000 respectively. Those guitars I guess are for serious collectors and famous, famous musicians (I assume). My dad was sent the Lion one and another one that's not on the site anymore to do a write-up for their catalog and they are amazing pieces of work. I wasn't a fan of the Lion guitar but it's pretty amazing to look at in person. The other one has an engraving on the neck of the Archangel Gabriel casting Satan down into Hell on the neck, I'll see if I can dig up some pictures.


The ones without the crazy bodies are generally around $3,000 to $10,000.


By the way, I'm not affiliated with them and I'm not trying to promote them, I think they make cool guitars.



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Also, while a lot of the price on these types of guitars are about design and aesthetics like paintings, a lot of it is also dependent on the quality of wood. Some of the wood is decades old, rare, exotic, etc and people go NUTS about that sort of thing.

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Looks like they use all sorts of kinds, a lot of custom pick-ups, Duncan, DiMarzio, Fralin. The website lists the pick-ups on each guitar.

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