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  1. keep pimpin that one picture there bud.
  2. Your in a gang? a leader? thats fucked man what do you guys do steal candy from 7-11 and hold up the ice cream man? its called puberty and it will happen for you in like a year.
  3. I write demek ill get yours up within a few days im being fucked over at work.
  4. wallygator ill do 1 for ya whatcha write??
  5. Anyone want to do an exchange ill post some of my stuff once i can locate my camera.
  6. 15 and in a gang thats sorta sad but at least hes still in school.
  7. I dont really understand the base of your piece but thats me, I like your style just do what blart said and simplify and i think cut down on the extentions but hes right it could be good.
  8. Dont worry about the doo dads(to quote seen) right meow, try to make all ur letters the same width but keep it up
  9. i give wienot credit for that its pretty high.
  10. dontsleep34


    Well the more you write like that you'll start developing your own twist on those letters, different corner, top and bottom shapes but right now they look decent you just want to make them more of your own. So my suggestion is just keep writting in that same style and you'll eventually progress.
  11. Anyone down for an exchange its been a while since i've done this.
  12. dontsleep34


    Just keep practicing^^
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