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  1. Faggot please... And your friend's tattoo sucks. :lol:
  2. Nah I wish man. I usually have that or Sapporo at the local Korean place. Color later....
  3. ^Got the outline Monday by Mike Shea @ Redemption-- picture remixed by my roomate. Yay, I posted something! After months of stalling, y'all get one. :)
  4. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 What's good Australians, I'm going to Brisbane in Feb. Is that an exciting city?! But seriously, I should be there in Feb for a concert. :)
  5. That Kwest art installation is awesome. And I think Quasar was one of the dudes that influenced Joker way back when. Not sure if I'm remembering correctly, regardless, it's really cool stuff from back then.
  6. styleisking always with the quality..
  7. Whoops, Mike's question was "Who are the top 5 guys you would get tattooed by" not so much best in the world or something, so I considered availability and distance too. Notice that I named all dudes in the USA (GO AMERICA!). Anyway, fuck, 10 top? That's tough. I'm interested to see what menaceIIsobriety thinks... If I can guess, it'll be something like: 1. Aaron Coleman 2. Higgs 3. Tim Lehi 4. Danny Reed 5. Richard Stell 6. Bob Roberts 7. Steve Byrne Blah... I bet I wasn't even close. The point is... There are so many good god damn tattooers out right now. I've a
  8. Ah, very good. I wondered that too. When Romano asked "name 9 tattooers better then Rubendall"... I thought to myself... "DAMN, that's tough as hell." I JUST tried to compile a top 10 list but it was ridiculous and too many names were left out. That's a really tough one... Give me like a day to think about this. And yes, Mike Roper is on that list. ;) Mike Shea asked me who my top 5 tattooers were when we were shooting the shit during my session, and needless to say, names were left out. I mentioned him and Erick were amongst my favorite so I didn't mention their names, which was und
  9. Not even close. If you can't pull cards correctly I suggest not doing it at all. You'll just end up looking like a herb as you are now.
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